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Well i think for the physical the only thing i would suggest especially for the young ins think of if it will your mom would you want to see that on the internet that year like coming from school and people are sharing video of someone's that something happened to the sheet or something and you happen to check you know like be mindful of who you are affecting when you do these things when you uploading when you're sharing when you're tweeting 'cause that's all i think about god forbid one of those videos when they hit someone that arm coast to and that's how i find out and i just wish that people would put themselves in other people's shoes be way more empathetic and sympathetic and i think if people did that and consider it these situations to be them themselves they might think twice so for the physical and then as far as like jumping into things yeah being intuitive like dustin say your body will tell you you know maybe this is something you should keep walking but maybe call for help or like we were saying no how to stand in a way where you're not going to exacerbate the situation and with the digital i get it i get a mostly charged especially faithbased i'm so god and love bay so a lot of the things i see celebrated crush me but i also respect that people are where they are and they have the right to express what they want to express i also have the right knots express it in kinda just live my life privately how i want to live it and put out the energy that i choose to live and that doesn't mean that i have to like inundate the internet with bike no you guys should be feeling this instead franfiltho she feels and she's gonna do that that's my only job right all that jokes like this people were judging other people are doing and paying on twitter was turned into a christian you believe in that jesus shit that's so stupid and i'm like but why do you care what i believe in what makes me feel good why do you care christian louboutins okay why do you give up early for bathing i'm not people tell you man to tell you you go let me go like like okay remember who you gotta fight for your right pardon to the beastie boys if you let me tell you you got an opinion about something that's how you feel and then you get attacked you get hit from the left with the he like that talking about some whole you'll crisis that means when they go so that means what that means is that you now have the open opportunity to go ahead and annihilate they ask your mama joe guy you know whatever because the fact that they've taken what you said and decided to misinterpreted to mean something else that gives them the fuel to have something else to say to you when they sit me talking to you anyway he's you know the heart aho field and i feel like that's the best time ever with that being said i'm completely done just one thank you have much thank you guys come in joining right do you have any church announcements before you get outta here we do what's that our church announcement is that it's actually a collective the doors of the church are really opened on august eighteenth here in new york city for the friend zone live that's right dammit we come back new york city streets to sock it one more time for our third year anniversary so can't believe we have a toddler but we do so performing yes he is making change them even doing friend zone say beamy past tom space so yes the friend zone we are coming back we'll be back with some more dates this fall but we just wanted to go ahead and give you the one for new york because it's going to be a blast and you can stay some yes it's a big one because new york is home so why not always come out and show up

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