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Delegates around the bell of the college football ball but i guess that's the point is that's the world we live in right now we're these guys are sort of cycling around and people are looking around right now this feels very nfl ask where you get the retread coaches the pop up time and time again and that's on all levels in the nfl position head or otherwise but in college football you're starting to see some of that said same stuff pop up over and over again vowed he coaches the dupage stick around for awhile we did have a bit more fun with like you don't get it's the same thing the people lament free agency within the nfl for diluting some of the rivalries what you don't get the interaction that we got with marked antonio and jim harbaugh the other day on twitter were they're taking cheap shots at each other if you don't have that sense of identity the gets builtin with coach and program over a period of time now it helps jim harbaugh because he's an alarm of university of michigan but with the antonio guy who really is like mix sabin light i understand their connected coaching wise but seemed to share that same surly disposition to see him klatt back on twitter shows you what a strange time 2017 is what that also shows you the benefit of continuity those guys have been around those programs for long enough now to where we can associate them with that but you'll know i mean yeah willie taggart's employed by ford to state right now but word association we don't know who to really associate him with as the given coach that's true with a lot of these guys is a lot of weird identity shifts happening right now so in the place where we've got continuity we've got to enjoy that continuity by the way update of the polls would you rather lie manning or kirk cousins as your quarterback next year kirk running away with at seventy one percent and hiding would you rather be a mole santa or a salvation army santa right now salvation army santer currently lead with.

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