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His own questions Spears says indigenous people will find ways to endure as they always have just as day follows night We give thanks every day one of the sun rises of the sun sets We give thanks So it's something that we do as a part of who we are which is far Far removed from American Thanksgiving in football and Turkey and getting that as your family Expressing gratitude 13 times a year says spears not only shows respect for creation but keeps indigenous people in close touch with the cycles of its blessings For NPR news I'm Tom verdy Before going on Thanksgiving holiday President Biden announced he will release 50 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves to address a big concern on American's minds high gas prices While just over the border a powerful industry group has tapped the strategic reserves of a different kind of liquid gold That's why the reserve is made to never miss maple syrup And we won't miss maple syrup That's right maple syrup but Canadian group Quebec maple syrup producers will release 50 million pounds of reserves Here's spokeswoman Elaine Norman Dane again We will have take about half of all the inventory Quebec makes nearly 70% of the world's maple syrup the U.S. is actually the biggest client for the sweet stuff Now since this past spring was shorter and warmer producers couldn't harvest enough to keep up with demand Normandy says only mother nature can decide how next season goes but just in case the organization plans to add 7 million taps to maple trees So go ahead Glaze that Turkey with Canadian liquid gold this holiday weekend This is NPR news And this is all things considered on 90.1 I'm Jim berez coming up in just a moment We'll check in with NPR for an update on the day's top national stories.

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