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All speak to group, leadership Three or four books on self leadership Robert Greenlees Focus, probably the most competent This is This is the forty eight laws of power by Robert Greene. Not Robbie greeting. This is a book of I certainly. And it's on self leadership. And so to me. If, you can't lead yourself. How in the world are you going to lead anybody else? And For many of us the only person wherever you're GONNA get the leaders ourself in so I can. Continue to say we have bad leadership. We lack leadership chat. But I have a responsibility to lead myself in these times of turmoil. and. Then the second part of that signs is to be self disciplined. And Show I think. If nothing else I have to serve as they. Over example I'm someone. Who? Recognize the need for leadership and recognize that I can control myself leadership and I can exercise myself. Discipline and so so much of my life as as never changed him. Most of my life. Has Been Governed by a simple form would. Survive. And Thrive. I mean if I could take him back. To, June, twenty seven. Nineteen thirty seven. And a little, a little black boy! Was Born in the basement of his segregated hospital. In Washington DC. and. The gave that baby the name George. And he was born in. The basement of the segregated. It'll. Call, Garfield and there was an in Florida adding it. Blacks were only could enter. The hospital from from the back and they had to go down to the basement. And so the first breath. As a human being that that breed. Was Air from the air. On segregation. And from that point on. I've had. Throughout. How do I? Survive when I was growing up in Washington DC. The city was seventy three percent black. Today, it's forty five percent black, the lowest it's. It's slipped under fifty percent for the first time in fifty years. When you hear of people used connotation chocolate city. Washington DC was a original. Chocolate city with seventy three percent of the population. And so, this black boy child Georgia Raveling lives over. A meat market and Auburn League market on the second floor. There was three apartments and none of Madda a bathroom. There was the bathroom at the end of the hallway..

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