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Now i'm looking at alabama scheduled this year and they have new mexico state southern miss and and western carolina jesus you know alabama we have better scrimmage with the three and four dukes then those kind on the schools. I'm surprised that the the alabama fans don't demand bigger programs coming into their stadium or is it winning the national championship. Yeah i think we i think we lost call but let me let me say <hes> this <hes> i i do think the schedule schedule is is is embarrassing. <hes> primarily because of the non conference game alabama has played some great games in in that opening spot issue number three a couple of years ago wisconsin virginia in your tech clemson michigan southern cal this year they they ended up with a clunker. There's no way to sell that game. It's terrible opening game after that alabama doesn't need to apologize apologized. They play an s._e._c. schedule they have l._s._u. On on the schedule this year <hes> they they have other important games both home and away. It's it's really the first game that is deluded the alabama schedule but it's going to get better <hes> there's a there's a home at home with wisconsin with texas and alabama doesn't need to really apologize about its future schedule. Squirrel is up next needs not to apologize about anything. No apologies here and thank thank you for taking my call and i didn't call to talk about this but you got a gentleman earlier efforts the <hes> hurricane camille and the anniversary and i didn't realize it. Was this wig realize. I'm fifty years but <hes> i live out. Dolphin island bought they. I was about ten years old and that happens. I have memories of camille but we didn't get the damage in in that part of uh of alabama that mississippi but ironically that hurricane cut an island a barrier island in half the are you aware now i did not realize is <hes> that's amazing are there. There's a worn island. You've got ship island. You've got cat island. You've got some barrier islands off because mississippi and about ten miles off shore and that hurricane and literally divided an island in half. There's a cut ship island in half the now there there was a east and west ship and ironically the corps of engineers join in those two islands together this year. They're actually.

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