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But wouldn't you rather have Mitch marner's contract and be Toronto than have Matthew coach's contract and be Calgary? I mean, yeah. None of those bridges worked, like that same summer that Mitch marner signed the contract. Lining up bridge since been traded to bring it got bridge since been traded. Since been traded, besser got bridged. You know, that was a kind of a train wreck in terms of it got pulled out of the fire, but the whole situation unfolded in a messy way. And then don't sleep on the Timo Meyer $10 million qualifying offer story, like that's gonna be a big problem. That's going our end up in arbitration next summer. I think people underrate how much of a headache it is for an organization to have really good players that are UFAs to be. Even if you're a good team, that's easy. The goal is to win the cup that season. Yeah. It's impossible to get away from that story, right? And even if they're a year out. Like complicates things. Well, look at what Matthew chuck was able to do, Matthew chuck was able to exercise what Jalen Rose calls pre agency. In the NBA context. A year out, he basically was able to force his hand kind of pick his spot. We all sort of, we all sort of knew that he wanted to go to one of those low tax states with a playoff team, right? And he was able to kind of drive the bus there. You know, that's a really stark example that I think a lot of and not just Canadian teams. A lot of teams need to sort of understand here because all of a sudden it's not like you're living in a world. In the wake of kuchuk, it's not like teams are living in a world where, you know, to take another example from a player that I cover in Elias pedersen, right? Elliot Peterson has two years left on his deal. This is not a situation that you have to sort out in 24 months. It's one that could shape next off season. If the example is any indication, which I think it has to be. Okay. Let's get back to the bit here. I want to talk about him as a player. Imagine he's a unicorn. I've seen that term thrown around. It should be, right? He's a unique player.

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