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Twenty a hundred of these medallions humanity if you had a hundred medallions and they were going for one point three million dollars now you net worth is one hundred thirty million dollars remarkable and then came either and lift in any of the other ride sharing apps that suddenly made anybody who wanted to become a a driver for hire a driver for higher yes what happened to the price of medallions it's called competition it's called the free market well if you're a pig indiaheld on your medallions even though over was starting to eat into the business of moving people around a big city they just fell off the cliff the giant sold for one point three million dollars in twenty thirteen well last month they held the monthly taxi cab medallion auction in new york city and a medallion sold for two hundred forty one thousand dollars so the guy if you bought that medallion for one point three million in twenty thirteen not looking ahead not seeing things like al an app that would let people just hail a car for higher and start entrepreneurs who want to use their cars to make money when they're not driving them you would have lost one point one million dollars just in one short span of three and a half years time in the market is tough the.

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