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It's his first big film yeah so play it safe circuit overlay which are completely trying to tie up all the loose strings as opposed to like a more season nyman season just more settled filmmaker. I can do what the f. o. Want apparently alad terrence mouth is making a movie about a non nazi german and that had me shook oreo that was poorly set on. My part alleged then underway. Weren't you say ninety german right when i had turned ma i said this camera glitz with this person is making a smooth really likes towns malik all that stuff so i link ladder moment right i mean there's the news about him. His don't get we'll get. We'll get there but i felt like within those scenes of like the scene at night where they're talking shiloh buff and zach and also passed tyler aren't yeah with those sequences. I felt like once that ends in terms of like when dakota johnson comes in i feel like i was just finally starting to get to know them and settle into that and then they kind of cut away to not really plot but it's like it just kind of veers off in a way that was much less interesting for me personally but an and so i mean overall. I still really enjoyed how looked i loved. Shiloh buff in it's fantastic. I completely agree. Thank zack is great as well and i and thomas haden church is always fun all fun so it's it looked so good yeah and again. It's just a very simple gorgeous. Yeah well told story which i'm always up for. It's up there with. I might watch it as much ages misty evans holding while i'm not i won't with a been on your top twenty five of the twenty tens. It's tough. It's so you know. I am right now so yeah for sure but like i don't know i also really liked inspect yeah. I did really like the score as well me too and usually you no. That doesn't give me but i'd like yeah. Let's get a little bit the yeah and yeah i mean anytime it's just zack and shiloh buff hanging out like there's the scene very very quick scene of them in the water. Yeah it was like a moonlight kind of gender when he was little fingers. It's such a good movie and it's like generally laugh out. Loud funny and i felt weird..

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