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He is my fix but a bitch. And then you gotta look at the bomber gotta look at the Fleetwood the walks it that dusty Johnson, correct? Yeah. I mean, I basically told you Fleetwood is my top choice. So I like him as my top choice. And then Fowler is my second. But obviously, I don't trust Ricky in these situations. But I think unlike Carver high in the sense that he's he keeps getting closer and closer. And he seems unfazed by the press. Anything else? He's a great golfer, and you would think like Sergio Garcia can do it who has been all over the place. This guy's game has been everywhere in a river in the woods at grandmother's house you name it, but he wanted to master. So he can do it. Anyone can do it. If you ask me that struggled, and there's no one that struggles more in majors than Rickie Fowler. So I think one of these times it's going to break through, and you know, he's played there. So many times he's he's done. Well, there I think he's dangerous with those odds. He's got a shot for sure. So I'll throw him in there. Why is your voice shot that you picked him? You. Listen your top five to win the masters. The last five to seven years. Everybody has had Ricky Fowler that he just hasn't got everybody picks them every year. That's not a shocking for you to say the shot. Yeah. I'm not. I don't think it's shocking either that I picked him. I really don't. But it is. I think he's just shocked. We both picked him. I I like, Tommy Fleetwood. He's been playing golf everywhere. But it's very hard in my opinion to pick a winner of golf tournament. Very hard to pick one person that frankly wins and ask our or an Indy. Five hundred or. Golf tournament. There's so many people playing in it. You know what I mean? It's you have no idea. What's going to happen over four days? It has done. Right. So a lot of people think that the guy that's in the clubhouse lead after Thursday's gonna win it. And a lot of times that guy on Thursday and Friday is in the final pairing on Sunday. It's weird. So anything's possible. You better be ready to go on Thursday. Because if you're not you'll be left behind our the ones that get you know dig and from the jump enter in it from the jump they're usually in it the whole weekend. Then sometimes guys fall off for sure there, you go Virginia wins the national championship. Over time over Texas tack with their twelve free throws in the extra session. A lot of them were files to stop the clock. But they got some nice reverse calls with instant replay that help.

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