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Cool. I never watched it then. Moving along Today is friday thirteenth and though the serene seamlessness with which this show has proceeded stands in itself as rebuke to any of this date as inherently unlucky. It is nevertheless a cue for the consideration of superstitions especially such as may be indulged by our panelists. I will kick us off by saying i do. Strangle a duck before every one of these programs There's no real reason for it. Just it's just a thing. I feel like i don i please don't writing. I have never in my entire. Life strangle locked. Ducks actually normally do the show. I do very very funny docks. But i feel we are deviating from the point. Philander do you have any superstitions that you would like to tell us about. I think i have more than i would like to. In a way. I think i believe sometimes in the supernatural. Quite a lot and one of them. It's a bit mad. Do you know why. I don't click fingers tonight. I just did. But i think if you do it once. It's not a problem for what i'm gonna tell you. Basically from a young age my mother told me that if you kind of click fingers a lot you would attract spirits inside the house. So now when i see people like snapping fingers apparent people doing these days i get scared because i'm like oh my god is gonna attract bad energy and and i mean it you know i do. Generally get scads was any particular sort of spirited. The spirits have names shapes backstories. I think it's general thing. But of course i. I'm worried about the bat. Spirits coming over so please don't don't fingers quite a lot. I wasn't planning to Is it just bad spirits. That get someone by this. Is it not. Is it not possible to someone. Good ones but i. I don't know how this works. I do know how this works either angel. Does there other things things. I'm quite skeptical of people wearing hats or caps indoors. Because again i blame my mother for every no because i mean apparently detracts bad spirits as well. I'm like oh my god please. No caps in those napping fingers k. Creative with admiral while she was it. Was it just hatch snapping fingers. What what else was out okay. That just sounds we'd like everything else. Is everything else is just fine. Do what you like leave. How wilt except for wearing hats indoors snapping things. What happens if you snap your fingers while you're wearing a hat indoors. Then it's over all over for you. Okay josh can. You compete with that. No needless to say it's all absolute rubbish and hokum that i did research before apparently in spain and in greece is not friday. The thirteenth is wednesday. The thirteenth in italy is friday the seventeenth now which is an ill omen less favorable through the glasses. Our producer colada rabelo who's from portugal and in portugal Is considered bad manage to leave bread upside down on table. How can you tell when breads upside down. I think they mean sliced bit in the muck sorry colored canoe yelling my year. Is this true. She's very worried about that. The cross did sorry every time. Obviously every time tries to explain this nonsense to me. Everything's going to be quiet which is bad and possibly even unlucky. I'll i'll do the next one. Which i'm told me about this. Say after new year when you enter a room the first time you do it It's bad luck to enter with your left foot. I presumably to start the here on the right foot. They is is that every room will. Just the i re i mean just the first room you walk into after new year or every room. The first time you walk into it often i'd i'd i. I believe i believe the right i. Would you like to know few bad things. That happened on friday the thirteenth apart from this program in this program being chief among them There was the the the cost of concordia ran aground. Buckingham palace was bombed during world war. Two and to pacture cordite every other uh miserable thing in the world happened on another day which i believe is proof that we should count lucky stars and snap your fingers so she can snap away. Yeah own that rigorously. Rational note josh bennett. And fernando augusta pacheco. Thank you both Finally on today's show throughout the olympics we did hear dispatches from our correspondent inside the bubble at tokyo. Two thousand twenty slash. Twenty-one kieran pender. The games may have concluded last sunday but kieron's olympic journey has not he filed this final report force from a different bubble. He's hotel quarantine in sydney.

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