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Didn't have much patience. You don't WanNa. Get Parsley shaved. Part of that story, though is when you said I live five minutes away from I now. That's your fault. Well, let's talk about it all right. Could be a dream life good being. WHO! You're listening to. Life is short of your host Justin Long. Sweet. Shop. And with me as always is my brother Christian Zachary, who hasn't fully left the nest yet, either we move to a nest very close to the nest. Yes, Trish is right. The key part is I'm five minutes away I. got this House recently, so I can be closer to them to four indication like this for such a pandemic, the decision to move close to them was more general like they're getting older, and they'll need help, but who would have foreseen that they would would've needed. This kind of help. Soon happened like yeah, a couple of months after an pretty regular help and again like. We can't get too far into exists way too much to unpack with. Parents! I got to save it for therapy, but when she shamed me the Parsley. I also want to read this text. I got it reminded me of the sex that I got. This is a couple of weeks ago, she said. Are you coming home today? I was up at a place in Massachusetts. I said no tomorrow. Why sit are you? Are you growing parsley at your house outside where I could steal whenever I'm up at the lake I try to keep my phone where I don't want to be around as much so I just had gone to. This was six thirty five. She takes me that are you? Are you going Parsley Jim PM? Yeah Oh. Yeah should clarify that, so they're not fully insane. Parsley at six thirty in the morning. So? This is like six forty I got that at eight sixteen, I got an all caps and several exclamation marks question marks partially. Her. Christian road he has parsley. She goes wear exactly. It has to the left. Why are we talking about this strange family? This new arrangement that I'm living in I'm living in to that. This is sort of a a modern kind of family that we're s because back in the day I think the big advancement was the railroad right? That was the big advancement that. That sent families away average sort of caused families to relocate and move away. Yeah, because back in the day a couple of generations ago, that was unheard of to move away from your family. You sort of all stuck in the same area right? This wouldn't be. This is in a way. What we're living is more old fashioned. We're regressing to an earlier time. Yeah! It's modern in a way. It is still because it is a modern era, and it's a different way now to lift. Some. Even our own grandparents one set move to Florida, the other state in Rochester which is too far away to like really visit that frequently. But, we haven't done that. Why are we talking about our modern family? Well I'm glad you asked drummer of. Our guest today is on a show or was on a show called modern family. She didn't get fired. The show ended y'all. Is that what it made it something? That's how I felt. That's how I interpreted out. I think people know that, okay. Anyway our guest today interrupt your introduction well. It was going so well. I know it really was. Also I feel like. I. Don't want to reduce her to like modern family. She's also like an old friend and colleague and one of my oldest people that are somebody I worked with. What is her name? Okay? Well, it's dame. Julie Bowen our guest this Julie Bowen from Dame, but should be if there's any justice in that. What is she lacking? From be how why hasn't she been made a tape? Well? Maybe she's too salty. She assaulted Judi dench's salty and has A. Sailor's tongue thanks, can you see be like just because everyone probably thinks of her as dame, Judi, dench in this like. He's probably. Bet She's got like a bit I. Bet you meet her. It'd be like. Taint you detention games they. Did you hear what she just said Hey. Julie Bowen is a very important person in your life because you did. A show called Ed. Yes, with her where she played the female lead my first show. The. My People know this you don't have to tell them. You and I. Don't think people do know this because it was, we had a very loyal following, and if you're listening right now, and you did watch the show. You're probably somewhat incredulous like well. What do you mean of course I know that, but not many people watched it. But. Yeah, still to this day. The people who did watch it. It seemed to really love it and I love it because it like you said it was my first real professional dvd on that show just for a little more context. You played awkward high. School student and she was your teacher. Not that unlike villi allow and Mary Kay Letourneau Oh. I watched the Mary Human American Laterna story last which we really recommend everyone. It's a fascinating story. We've always been fascinated died. Which is very? Nice, but it's a fascinating story, yeah! Anyway, so you do not I was joking. You weren't awkward of school. Ager I would have been really flow type had. On the show yesterday, acquiesce to my because you were in love with her. And I actually did make advances on the show to her. That character did I professed my love and I did it through like Shakespearean text and stuff like joined a band and I played to her and stuff like that. It was a relief. Talk Out. I don't want to get into it, but it was just so fun to do and Julia was one of the. Key elements that made it so fun I just. She's the I just love being around her. She everyone did. So I selfishly, this was such a golden opportunity to see again. Catch up and I hope you are enjoy it. here it is. Let's get into why why not? Why on so here? It is catching up with my old friend Julie Bowen. Sweetheart to?.

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