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Backline i'm just an i like i'm a little pansy i avoid confrontation like if i got a cold meal like back then just like a puddle of goo posed talk about something been sitting here kind of in my seat you have that like kind of being anti because something was coming and and just just let the story i started eighteen around no no no no no raise you please because we have a graham cracker chromatic what's your cell him sprinting we starting you wanna fishing my dad made this big old stink about how his food was cold to the waitress and then she brought the check and then he signed the check he was let's go we're going now they didn't leave a tip at all like he just turned dinner in the most awkward fucking thing ever my three friends or with his he always like that and i was like really sorry okay fuck this story also i love you dad fuck this story hey great gray so while we've been on the podcasts some people have noticed chat that i have been checking my phone again and again oh yeah because i've been refreshing someone's instagram feed in anti of something said by the way one this is the head of the animation division department anymore guy called again emission division really yeah we have forced now a force but i also these show are of an upcoming three d animation project yeah that's right been working a little thing called jin lock man awhile now.

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