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This is wet notes here on scuba shack radio for monday august thirtieth two thousand and twenty one. Well we have certainly had our fill of extreme weather lately just last week here. In connecticut we face the challenges of tropical storm on re just barely below hurricane strength and at the last minute it shifted east and we avoided the brunt of the wind rhode island wasn't as fortunate and now we have item a cat for hurricane hit louisiana. Extreme weather is now the norm. The news keeps getting worse. Recently there was a study published by nicholas bars from the potsdam institute for climate impact research and that was that the gulfstream could be varying towards irreversible collapse. Now the gulf stream is part of the atlantic meridional overturning circulation or a. m. Oc this circulation takes warm salty. Water from the tropics moves in north and then takes the cold water south. The study finds that the circulation is at its weakest in one thousand years. So what happens if the gulfstream collapses that will dictate extreme cold for parts of north america and europe. Is the collapse imminent well. That's not an easy question. Answer it could be decades away but as we have seen things are happening a lot faster when it comes to climate change not only will the disruption of the gulfstream resort in colder north american temperatures. It is predicted that there will be a rise in sea level disruption of the monsoon patterns and impacts on the amazon rainforest. An aunt arctic ice sheets. The study concluded that is that this is all a result of human endorse induced climate. Change in may of this year. I talked about a project out on lake. Tahoe called cleanup lake. That project had an ambitious goal of cleaning over seventy two miles of the mountain lake. So i thought i would give it a quick update on how the work is progressing. Now these numbers come from the cleanup delake website. Cleanup delete dot org as earlier this month. Team of divers has removed an amazing eight thousand. One hundred and twenty two pounds of trash were three hundred and three thousand six hundred eighty four kilograms and covered about twenty two miles or thirty four kilometers of coastline. There update indicated that they have completed seventy four dives over twenty seven days of diving. The diver's consumed two hundred and eighty six cylinders of air. Today there have been eighty one volunteers who have delivered two thousand six hundred and eleven volunteer hours. Now i'm not sure if they're on pace to meet their objectives but that's not always the measure success. The amount of continuing effort is what really counts. Keep up the good work guys. The annual boston sea rovers clinic for this year is just one month away. The two thousand twenty clinic happened just a couple of weeks. Before the corona corona virus lockdowns took effect. We really didn't know how serious things were then. Now as we continue to emerge from the pandemic the show may just have the distinction of being the last face to face. Scuba show in the world before the pandemic and the first face-to-face scuba show in the world post pandemic monty. And i were at the last meeting. And everything's proceeding for the october. First and second show the show will follow state and local mandates and as the days pass by. We are all hoping that the show will go off his plan. This year shows moved from the traditional march date to october as a result of the pandemic that you'd be a great time to enjoy some early fall weather in new england. It'd be great to get together and diving is certainly a social sport. Do you miss dive training magazine. I sure do. I think i've re reread all the back issues. We have a good shop at least three times. So what's happening with the publication. Well i reached out to catherine castle garcia the editor to find out the latest catherine informed me that they hope to be publishing again in the fourth quarter of two thousand and twenty one. Now that's some good news. The fourth quarter is not that far away. And i'm certainly looking forward to dive training magazine hitting the streets and finally here on wet notes. I wanted to give you an update on the situation with dutch springs. If you remember last time. I reported that the property owned by stu jill school had been sold to trammell crow texas developer. Who's planning to build a large warehouse facility on the property. The initial word was that dutch would shut down after the season while a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks i there was a petition that garnered over three thousand supporters to keep the place open and as we know petitions can only go so far then there was support from patty professional association of diving instructors patty due to white paper outlining the economic benefits dutch brings provides as a diving venue. Patty estimates that because dutch exists. It helps to generate three point. Four billion annual retail sales in the northeast they tag the economic benefit to bethlehem at thirty four point five million as for tax revenue. The paper indicates that about ninety. Eight point nine million is generated for state and local taxes and northeast and about two point one million for bethlehem in addition to patty support. The lehigh valley planning commission has called the proposal of disaster for the quality of life in the lehigh valley while it seems that there a great deal of opposition to maybe very little that can be done to stop the effort. One positive. I that i did see. Was that trammell. Crow was indiscretions with local officials to offload the fifty off lou to fifty acre quarry for community use. Just how would you get to acquire if they build the warehouses. I don't know while the saga is far from over. I would expect that we won't see. Dutch brings open for the twenty twenty two dive season but his al michaels once said. Do you believe in miracles. Well that's it for this edition of wet notes. Here on scuba shot radio for august thirtieth two thousand and twenty one

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