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The you know these guys crews and meadows they introduced this though before but never got a hearing and and i'm here to tell you i don't think they're going to pass when crews introduced this measured last time he calls school choice the civil rights issue of our era and that's why i get so frustrated when they tell me oh you know that that uh the president is not hit they're not going to the opening of the civil rights museum some of these guys some of these great leaders like john lewis not gonna go to the opening of this uh a civil rights museum because donald trump is going donald trump's presidency is affording minority communities better education if ben carson ever gets the funding that he needs from congress better housing opportunities in inner cities like detroit and baltimore where it's most need it a better schools and better opportunities you know more jobs and and for people to say that they're not they don't see the civil rights issue here and they don't understand why they should be supportive of this president makes me sick and you you have you know the the one representative that they do have eleanor holmes norton she's a nonvoting representative by the way she criticizes this she says it's a naked attempt by members of congress to burnish their records while undercutting the city's autonomy in other words she's a soldout democrat who still thinks that public schools because the unions shit it should be the only choice for parents including the parents in her district where the kids are being underserved not just underserved this year but underserved historically okay with a very brief period when they had a rare a chancellor in their michelle ye i think her name was who literally raise the standards for all the schools much to the displeasure of the democrat party because what she proved was it's not about how much money you throw it it's about what your philosophy is so they don't want to answer any questions but i'm here to tell ya this is important stuff and it's being done under.

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