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Seventy five split after an earlier accident again the big backup expect delays southbound seventy one seventy five you're rich would road in northern Kentucky a flight attendant is out of a job facing charges of endangering passengers on a United express flight from Chicago document showing when the officers came to remove her from that plane the flight attendant and blood shot eyes slurred speech and an odor of alcohol ABC senior transportation and aviation correspondent David currently has more some reported Julianne March having trouble balancing seeming to pass out passengers fastening her seatbelt for her when the plane landed in south bend Indiana officers board mark started crying and when asked what city she was in said Chicago when she finally took a breathalyzer her level was point two five times over the legal limit for flight attendants Wisconsin Air firing March she also was facing misdemeanor charges a pastor at a Sharonville church has been ordered held on three hundred thousand dollars bond after being arraigned in Hamilton County thirty eight year old Cesar Guerrero a pastor admission cristiana el Calvario church is facing three counts of sexual battery after allegedly having a seventeen year old performed oral sex on him police say he used his position at the church to convince the girl she needed to do this to be cleansed after she was molested as a child jail records indicate that Guerrero has been accused of sexual abuse by other females as well Rick you Chino newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. well today's the day the re opening of the Roebling suspension bridge the John A. Roebling bridge has been closed to vehicle traffic and pedestrian foot traffic on its east side ever since sandstone fell from one of the towers in mid April after temporary protected then he was installed in a delay in the original re opening date set for the beginning of this month cars in the east side pedestrian walkway connecting Cincinnati in Covington will re open this afternoon a restoration project to perform routine maintenance and provide a permanent fixed with towers and walkways is currently in the design phase and is expected to begin next spring I'm Sean Gallagher newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. here's a Reds update Nicholas castigate owes it to home runs and Ian happ had a big game as he normally does when he plays a great American ball park with four R. B. I.'s two of them on a home run as the Chicago Cubs did in the Reds bullpen last night they broke up five five deadlock with the run of the fourth and the route was on another run in the fifth inning a four run seventh and one of the eight as it comes one on to beat the Reds by a score of twelve five descend Cincinnati eight games back in the National League central division thanks a lot Marty your next update will be at one o'clock rob carpenter newsradio seven hundred WLW well it's time for breakfast and you be upset that a.

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