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All right, speaking room. Speaking of call is Let's see what Charlie Finch has to say today, Charlie. Good morning. Good morning, all deliver libertines if they returned to planned obsolescence. Remember that David Goldsmith, how you tease that consumers with new models every year and get them to, you know, go into debt and by a little more. Okay. I was a major marketing strategy and growth America in the fifties. In case you people don't know it Now. Two weeks ago, you had as a guest on the show my friend, radio host Frank Murano. You know Mike Ports, Kelly and auto Liberators that on Thursday night at 11 o'clock while driving and Staten Island on Richmond Boulevard that Frank Morano had a huge pothole and blew out his tire. He then got out of his car and he was on his way to work doing overnights in another station uptown from you guys. And he decided to change his tire. Frank used the wrong end of the Jack but was able to get his tire change successfully. And he got back into his car started to driving, hoping to make it to the station before he went on the air when I am As he was driving in his car. There was a beeping, indicating that his tire pressure was going flat and instead of getting out stopping the car And then looking at his tire. He decided to decrease his speed, hoping to make it to the station, taking that the tire pressure signal which will go up, which it did. And he reminded himself that since he has to drive home after five hours, who live Monday through party on the radio at often falls asleep at the wheel. That if the tire pressure gauge other signal went off as he was driving home that would keep him awake Western for my dear friend and teammate Robert Erskine. In anticipation of his eight o'clock essential segment, which we hope Mike Porcelli will interrupt with a dangerous anecdote about driving with your elbows while you have your arms around a beautiful woman. How many heirs Robert Erskine did Frank Murano make that monologue, which I just get Charlie? Plenty. Plenty of money. Plenty. You know the biggest mistake Frank made Charlie. Charlie. What's the biggest mistake? He didn't call triple A? No, He didn't call me and he knows, And he knows he could have all right on. Thanks, Charlie. The funny thing is Charlie. That was really cool. And the funny thing about flat ties is I was going to talk about flat tires today, too, because your wife have. Ah, my wife called me last night on her way home from work, and she had a flat tire. Mm. Well, you know, it seems to be an epidemic. Flat tires. Culture boy. Yeah, that's it. I am tripling got a culture you are tripling. That's it. All right. All right. Let's see. Let's see what riches calling about from New Jersey rich. Good morning. Morning. I have a Toyota camera water is entering. Through the firewall when it rains. My mechanic tells me that Pine needles clogged, drained. From the pan underneath at the base of the windshield. And my question is how do I clean that out? And how do I prevent that from the clogging from happening again? Jerry. They got pine needles out there and Seaford Long Island. They got everything. What does he do it? You have to take the upper plate of the wipers. The Cover off. Yeah, to get into that and clean it out, too. Preventive. Um, people surrender yet. Stay away from trees. Uh, you know that old song Don't park under the apple tree. Yeah, that's it. You could put a five to make a cover. They do make a cover. They make a capital grille cover not necessarily specifically that car, but they originally for a 65 Mustang. I remember when they made the Mustangs area. That was That was a big mistake, right? Yeah. We're gonna do that. Everything to this thing with you. It kind of looks. Yep. Yep. Remember those that that was just a big giant design floor so rich to your point? Like on the kid car. Wait. Hold is the car. It's over. It's a No. Five Oh, you know, 15 years. I mean, clean it out and you'll be fine for another 15 years. Yeah, I mean, the thing is, there's some 15 years to get to this point. Yeah, There's some cars that are really famous for having Cal drain design problems. I think the 65 Mustang was probably the most famous one. Um, yeah. Robert Hurston's raising his hand. Yeah, he's seen that it was used to rot out. But more modern day cars like they're Volkswagen's analogy is very, very, like every car that comes in because they have ah, insufficient drainage system for their cowl. Cal drains We always whenever the vehicle comes in for annoyed change, we clean the cowl drains. There's some cars that are worse than others. Yours rich. Is not a known, you know, I think just probably right. You know, every 15 years, maybe every seven years you clean it out, you know, and different ways. Sometimes you can get to it from above, like, Jerry said other times you've got to get You got to take the wheels off and then the fender linings come out, But your your mechanic would know how to clean it out. And then, like Johannes says I would stay away from trees as much as you can. Okay. Did you bring up a great point about checking the drains on an oil change? We do that? I'm sure everybody here. Does that. How many shops you think? Do that on an oil change? Yeah. I mean, a lot of cars like you raise the hood. And you see all those leaves over there No matter what car you have. You should just Have somebody clean him off. Help clean it out. Is there If he didn't I'm afraid about. I have another car, which is a Subaru and I'm back. And I'm afraid that I mean, I can't move my neighbors preys on. Do they come into my open my driveway. So I'm afraid that same problem might occur with Subaru. Where can I get a cow will cover one of the maintenance. You know, I don't know. If they like part of the bait and schedule. You can use anything to cover a cowl. You know what I mean? That's true. I mean, you could cover the car, but I would just say make it like, Jeff said, Make it part of the maintenance when you bring it and have them, check the drains and then clear him. Otherwise, you're gonna have to kill your neighbor's trees. Like poison under the ground, you know, But that wouldn't be right. That would be treatment form that the tree falls on the tree falls. And yet on your car, That's no good. So just have your you know where? Yeah, sure. Robert. What do you What do you do in England? Every time you wash the Every time you wash your car, he says weekly. That's what you should be doing in this wintertime. I don't do that. The hood. Removed the DeBary. Yes. Round around the windscreen wiper spindles finished. Great idea, Robert Question for all this shop guys here. How many cause come in for any kind of work. You open the hood and the cowl is completely packed with vegetation. Yeah, mud, sometimes his things. Sometimes these things crawling in that and it's the same when you open the trunk around the gutter. We've had things growing in trunk, Gunness. Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. So it's good to rich. It's great that you live with that because it's something that everybody should kind of. A little bit more aware of and can keep those Cal drains clear. Thank you very much for your help. I have a question for Mike. All right, Rich. Thanks for calling question for Mike. Question for me. Okay? Do I have a question for Mike? Because we're talking about, you know, the wintertime in Washington car and I was just talking with my car buddies Thea other day about driving on a road with salt. And is it better if you do drive on a road that has solved? Is it better to wash the undercarriage when you get home? Or leave it because there's two schools of thought. There's the If the salt is is mixed with water, then it becomes more of. Ah, more corrosive becomes more of an election about or if you just leave it, there s so what's what's better. I say, Leave it. If you can leave it dry and frozen and dry until the weather is warm, And when you wash it, you can wash it, you know completely And you're not just re wedding. The salt. You know you don't want to. You don't want to do a half a job. Just wet it and let it stay there Wet. Leave it dry until you can clean it. And let it dry out. Which might be April. Thank you. Yeah. Okay, June. That's that's enough information for this half hour. We're going to take a short break and we'll be right back after the break with more. Actual technical information.

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