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Johny winner our our play with them or you know interact with them are ah y'all if you've got any a quick story you can tell about johnny winner oh yes up a list of johnny was uh he was an inspiration from wave way back uh there's a couple of records from the early sixties that uh you can still find it's on the radar but that's how far back johnny goes you've got a when you speak of johnny winner you speak of uh a good texas blues man that that did it right from the beginning and yet we still uh we still we still listen to his records johnny's always there with are there any guys today young guys newer guys that you hear too you can keep up with each you you you're a fan of heard that you think are are doing something special there's a there's some emerging guys you know whether be gary clark junior it be joe bonte masa guys like that younger guys do you keep up with that stuff you like what you hear him from the scene now oh yeah and i'm i'm grateful for that call or to mention jimmy baen another great friend to y'all he goes back into that texas blows thing way deep a gary clark junior coming on strong uh attempt montana another guy that he knows which end of the guitars up uh in fact uh his new song hillbilly rich which uh uh he he worked a bit with kid rock on on some of that stuff but yeah at right now uh keep your dial tuned in siriusxm because there is more music than ever ever before in a few it whatever you like it's after yeah that's what i see all the time there's tons of great stuff it's just that it we're not we're not in the day in each like when eliminator came out where it goes on mtv and boom it's right in front he he got to look a little bit you there's a lot more out to choose from she got to put a little more work in a find the good stuff but it's definitely out there yeah let's talk to john is in south carolina hey john yarmuth billy gibbons bent you ready go get at ease.

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