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Exactly our three on the other end that short off the right hand obey we better an offense rebound rebounded the reset shot and loyal would love for them to take us while they're cluttering up the middle snead and three misses that loyal the dominating the glass nine four ten thirty i nap twenty one eleven ramblers the elaborate seat he gets the ninth seed kei state williamson drives to the block finds brought wigan side one dribble wait we got a whistle and travel they say before he put it on the deck he walked pennington one step complete is a combination of grass seed bolt and fertilizer that repairs bare spots is two weeks or less headaches at one steph complete artist green substitution for bruce weber stokes goes out back incomes john ed brown is out there as well he'll run the temple mcgurn slaps the ball hard as he catches holding it the way it's an the brown top of the key seventeen to shoot ground surveys fastest the speed steve left we'd free of the second one hit tonight remember he hit five against kentucky the state trails by seven me some good things happen so they can relax they still seem very limited.

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