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And forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad eleven fifteen the update now George Wallace baseball news on what was supposed to be opening day well we don't know when this is going to start buying baseball in the MLB Players Association have a new deal on making changes in response the shorten twenty twenty season corneas PM players already voted on MLB owners expected to ratify on Friday among the changes perhaps the biggest the transaction freeze it's expected to begin on Friday means no trades signings or anything until Major League Baseball and the Players Association agree to lift the freeze so we'll see when in fact that does that happen when opening day takes place we still don't know anything the national did make some moves though on the day that was supposed to be the opener option Eric Finney triple A. Fresno and catcher tres Barrera Adrian Sanchez interest even among those option to double A. Harrisburg Roger Goodell sent a memo to all NFL teams saying the draft will go on April twenty third the twenty fifth he form team they should be doing the necessary planning to conduct operations in a location outside of the team facility which right now is closed until April eighth and with a limited number of people present and sufficient technology resources to communicate with other clubs and draft headquarters so the draft will go on April twenty third the twenty fifth and the Indianapolis five hundred is being postponed will not happen in may it will happen in August George Wallace WTOP sports coming up on WTOP metro says to red line stations close tonight on corona virus concerns will re open tomorrow it's eleven sixteen CDW we get an unsecured laptop.

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