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A lot of smoke in Maple Valley right now to alarm house fire underway at southeast 241st Street, also burning our multiple vehicles in an abandoned house trailer on that lot. No reports of injuries right now. Governor. Anjali has issued recommendations, not requirements for school district's hoping to reopen this fall more from Cuomo's Jeff Pooja. The guidelines include having schools operate mostly or entirely online in areas where covert 19 transmission is high. However, they're not mandates, but they are strong recommendations in there based on science. They're based on the health of our Children. And based on the shirt experience that we're not gonna lower state. To be hammered by this virus, as other states and countries have been governor, Inslee says. These guidelines will vary depending on how severe the outbreak is in each district, Jeff Pooja look come on News. Seattle public schools will likely take these new recommendations into account next week when they make their decision. Last night, the district held town hall to hear from families, the Seattle superintendent recommended starting the school year, 100% online. The board will vote on that recommendation a week from tonight. First votes to begin de funding. The Seattle Police Department are now on the books, but not before some City Council members expressed disappointment with Mayor Jenny Durkan Council president Lorena Gonzalez. Says the mayor agreed to work with the council on a plan and then went before reporters to misrepresent the counsel's intentions. Budget Committee chair Theresa Mosqueda says people are demanding change and they're addressing tough issues showing the political will and courage to take these issues on it's challenging to do so. But it becomes even more challenging. When misinformation has put out there. The budget committee approved several de funding amendments to the revised budget, which they're expected to finish Monday morning before a full council vote. Monday afternoon. Mosquitoes is what they've passed amounts to roughly 40% when translated to an entire year. The group making decisions about the closed West Seattle Bridge asked neighborhood commuters about how they planned on getting around and were surprised by the results. Come was so Romero as the story before the high rise. Bridge closed, 81% of people on it drove the West Seattle Bridge Community Taskforce hopes to get that number down to 35% and apparently they're close. Heather Marks with the Seattle Department of Transportation says survey results from more than 15,000 residents in Highland Park del Ridge South Park in other neighborhoods show Projected drop in S O V or single occupancy vehicle drivers, 37% are planning either right now or planning in the future to travel by S. O V, which is really close to our mode shift goals, So that's really amazing, she says. About 5% of people also plan to take a water taxi or ride a bike. But people still appear skeptical of taking the bus during the pandemic. See Romero come on. The state Department of Health says 1624 people have now died from Cove in 90 And in our state, five more than reported yesterday. More than 5800 people have been hospitalized since the pandemic began up 61 from 24 hours ago. More than 60,000 people have now tested positive for covert 19 in Washington, an increase of 705 and The percent of tests coming back positive still remains at 5.9%. New report is revealing which types of businesses are becoming hotbeds for Cove in 19. Health officials say outbreaks are transitioning away from long term care facilities into the community. Almost tan you. Atassi has more. It spoke with state epidemiologist Dr Scott Linguist Department of Health compiled the type of businesses on facilities that have seen the most Kobe 19 outbreak activity. As of the first of this month, there have been 459 outbreaks in long term care facilities. That's places like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Officials say. There have been 411 outbreaks in all other types of businesses and social settings, breaking that down even further. Non health care settings with the most outbreaks are agriculture with 57 outbreaks, Food service or restaurants with 44 outbreaks Retail with 44 outbreaks. Also, while initially a lot of these outbreaks were in arms in factories and things like that, it is really transition. More recently, restaurants and bars. It really is this Outbreak is changing its changing to younger age group and its transmission in restaurants and bars and service is really alarming. Coma NEWS Time 7 10 and from the Harley exteriors Sports Desk Mariners playing right now, and it's nothing to nothing. 00 Mariners Angels bottom of the second, A T Mobile Park. One Mariner particular loves Be Devil ing The Angels. Here's Como's Bill Swartz Mariners utilityman Dillon Moore grew up in Newport Beach, California. I grew up watching watching Angels and I went to games. It's on my tribe play and Yeah, it's it's simply cool playing against Mr Morris hitting over 500 with a homer against the halos this season and certainly growing in favor with manager Scott Service. He's got a quick bat. He's pretty strong guy. Real good athlete. Certainly we see him run all over the field, then. I like having him in there, and when he's producing, it will keep playing. That's the good news. The bad. Veteran pitcher Kendall Graveman expected miss more than one start with a stiff neck service says Lefty Nick Marga Vicious, could take his spot in the rotation this weekend. Seahawks have claimed defensive back D. J read off waivers. He was on the 40 Niners nonfootball injury list and expected to be out for a while with the tourney pick. Foggy and Damp Weather forecast round one of the PGA Championship in San Francisco tomorrow because of Corona virus, the first major of the year, and no fans were allowed on the Harding Park golf course. Brooks kept a the two time defending champion sports at 10 and 40 after the hour Bill Schwarz come own is This.

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