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Views and opinions you hear on talkradio six eighty WCBS are not necessarily those of the owners management employers and advertisers. Of w CDN but they should be Well we have primaries this evening which will be the first major test for the leftwing fascists who call themselves democratic socialists being led by the The individual name as Cortes, and those fascist close to her campaign are predicting all four candidates that she's endorsed will when they're racist tonight And they have total each other forget the voters who who, were Democrats went over to. Trump focus only on Muslims and other minorities. And that is why they're rallying Muslims and other minorities against. America make no mistake about it this is a. Civil war that they're brewing it's not about really going. Deeper and giving minorities a voice they already have a voice, equal to all others what they want to do now, is divide and conquer and so we'll have to, watch tonight because if they win it's a clear sign that the radical communist so-called Democrats socialists playbook not only works. Outside of the Bronx but, even voters in Trump country might be ready to push the democrat party the nation further to the communist side but if they lose tonight it will be, a sign that the court has gang of the democrat party is not strong enough to create a seismic shift in two thousand eighteen politics and it will give those of us on the American side new ammunition to use against the emerging communist wing. Of the democrat party we. Have already scoffed at Cortez's intervention in the. Primaries and if they lose will be able to discount the. Entire movement for candidates to watch tonight Corey Bush. Running for US house Missouri's first district James Thompson running. For US house in Kansas fourth district Brent welder running for, US house in Kansas third district Obdulio el-sayed running for, governor of Michigan wow how far they've come the, bottom line is it really is not the do all our end-all tonight even if all four candidates win all four. Candidates lose the fact is, it may not have a big affect on the national movement main reason because mainstream democrat Kratz like Feinstein and Pelosi would never let the radical left take, over the party being the radicals they already are The bottom line for them it's always been and will always be one thing and that's? Money money and more money they. Want nothing to do with communist, politics, they, only want the communist methodology which is the silent their opponents so they can laugh all the way. To the Bank this is the Savage Nation again if, you're listening to the show had Alex Jones on in the first hour and a half of. The show maybe even longer because he. Is in, the news he is being looked at and. Watched by people around the world who are wondering where. This ends and how we have gone from a. Big. Brother to big Zuckerberg? In one generation and where that leads next how can one man have so. Much power how can one company like Google occupies so much of our digital time did you see the latest study on that one that was pretty amazing came out today or yesterday I believe that Google consumes one third of our digital minds one third Google. Which owns YouTube And ways combine? Complying account for thirty four point two percent of? All time on digital media in June according to? Pivotal research analyst Brian weezer and. As Google's increase as Google, increases, its, foothold, into America's brain Where will, this lead should one company be allowed to have this, much power you say well if, the free market don't you conservatives believe in the free market well, up to a point we believe in the free market but what a company, becomes the equivalent of a monopoly we believe in checks and balances which is why we have antitrust. Regulation because there have always been and there. Will, always be people smarter and luckier than the rest of us and. They will build, enterprises that are too big for anyone else to survive in, the same marketplace and so there's antitrust regulation to prevent that. Now a lot of the anti trust regulations been destroyed over the years so for example you. Couldn't own all the newspapers and. All the TV stations all the radio, stations at any single market for obvious, reasons because why is your men and women in previous, generations did not want a, dictatorship of, ideas they wanted a diversity of ideas, so in every major city Usually had a morning newspaper. And an afternoon newspaper well that eventually dissolved. And, all the afternoon newspapers disappeared then eventually the newspapers disappeared why well. The marketplace dictated, that but apparently the marketplace cannot dictate how far Google will, go nor how far barks madness might take him all I..

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