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Bob McClay on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. Get some perspective. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. KTAR news on ninety two three SM. You know, as we as we got closer and closer to election day couple of weeks ago. And then the way over a week to find out who some of the winners were right? A lot of time was spent trying to analyze some of this is exit polling some of it is looking at the actual data. You know, you can go on the Maricopa County recorder's office. Arizona state. You can look at the actual votes. You could see the exact numbers you can see where they came from. You. Can you can glean demographic information from it? The Arizona Republican party. And specifically the mic Sally campaign did a. I use the term post mortem I've heard it referred to that as before. But after you lose an election, you go back and figure out why the heck did we lose? And they came up with a variety of different what they believe worthy causes. Why Martha mcsally came up? We know now about sixty thousand votes short, and I thought some of it was interesting some of it you could understand some of it was. You know, they talked about the amount of money that was spent how how many of you were complaining and looking to get away from the ads running. Air campaign, but the eight campaign they they spent plenty of money on their own though. So, you know, careful with that. But what they found was in. In an election. That was so narrow one percent of the one percent either direction decided. Marla mix alley. Was it trying to appeal the Democrats fine? She didn't do great with moderates. But the reason she lost. She couldn't carry Republicans specifically Republican women a lot of women didn't want to vote for her. They say because she stood up next to with President Trump, President Trump supported her and since no, right minded woman. And I mean, correct minded not right or left. But correct minded woman would ever vote for Trump, and they definitely wouldn't vote for another woman who stood next to Trump. And if you remember when Trump was here a couple of months before the or maybe it's about a month before the election. He stood up there with Mick Sally and supported her and tweeted about her rate, and she accepted that and she best in the area of that. She also I mean, if we if you're going to be fair about this. She walked away from some of her positions. She held as a congresswoman positions that were critical of Trump. She did the one eighty hardly the only politician to do that. But she ran away from the moderate position. She ran away from the middle and ran towards the fringe and the mic Sally campaign has come back acknowledge that was mistake. Yeah. Probably wasn't a great idea. They conceded. The middle took care cinema, and the reason here cinema one the middle is they weren't standing in the middle anymore because he can't stand next to Trump and claim to be anywhere in the middle as specifically with women. I thought it was pretty interesting. Here's something weird. You know, you look at this mic. Sally got almost the exact same percentage of votes that Trump got. Forty eight percent, by the way, Trump got less than fifty percents about forty eight percent. And he lost popular today than he was two years ago. During the presidential election. So they hitch their star. To descending star. Do you? See what I'm saying? They weren't on the ascension as in let's go with where the populace is headed. They're going the other direction. And I think it's a microcosm. And believe me. There's plenty of politicians around the country looking at this saying the Republican party has a problem with women specifically white educated women if you're going to look at if you're narrow it down white educated women who self identify. I'm a Republican I'm conservative. I'm. Prolife. I'm I subscribe to all these Republican policies still not gonna vote for anyone stands next to Trump. So how do you explain the mic Sally situation in the Ducey situation? Both Republicans interesting, and because Ducey got more votes than MC Sally did in the state of Arizona. He if if Martha mcsally if everyone who voted for Ducey had voted farming Sally, she wins it going away going away. But people split that vote people saw. Ducey's version of being Republican different from Mick Sally's version of being Republican. Do you think it only had to do with the fact that makes Sally made it known that she was standing next to Trump so to speak whereas Ducey, he he's distanced himself seemed to do around camp Ducey ducey's relationship with Trump is out of a necessity being the governor Mick Sally looked for it. I think there might I wonder I honestly don't know how some people. You know, that we expect our governor to when the president comes and you stand there, and you meet him at the airport you where we expect that right now that's part of the job. Whether you're in our whether the president's own already you're supposed to do it. Mkx. Sally. Corded MC Sally went down the Trump pep mic. Sally, disavowed her votes and her comments being critical of Trump and got on the Trump train, and ran it right off the cliff. So you mentioned that other politicians around the country Republican politicians are looking at this and maybe scratching their head and rethinking their strategy. Do you think trying to figure out what in God's green earth? Are we going to do to convince women that were not on the Trump side? Right. So do you think in the future they're going to try to separate themselves from Trump, or at least not ask for his support or get the photo op with them? But the flip side is there are some Republicans who lost because maybe they're finding out. They didn't embrace Trump. I think of Mia love up in Utah. She lost a Republican, and she wouldn't stand next to Trump go. So is it a damned if you do damned if you don't you'll get a lose either way, which which principle do you wanna lose on? Because you cannot deny the fact that white educated women. Do not agree with President Trump. That is a that is a that is even if he like some of the financial aspects of you know, how he thinks straight. It's the fact of who he is done style. Right. Is that fair? Yeah. So substance behind it just the person that he is repulsed by immigrants and children and women people. Just people comments he makes towards women Ingenio in war heroes and victims and wildfire victims and stuff. It's just I think he will never have their support. I think you're going to you're going to be seeing a lot of Republicans looking at this looking at them excel sitting in the state of Arizona if a Republican can win the Senate seat and one of the big reasons they lost is they couldn't bring Republican women to their candidate Republican women. Too many Republican Mohammed this more Republican women voted for voted for cinema than democratic women. Voted for Mick Sally times ten when you've been close that wasn't a two way street. You also look at the reality. I think we finally got the they just call the race in California, by the way, we're really I think it was the final house race. Wow. For a democrat went into this other. The number was forty plus forty which beat all the predict projections. Democrats picked up forty forty seats in the house. That's the largest number since Watergate, and I still hear people going. It wasn't Blue Wave. What are you talking about Trump claimed victory on election night? Everything was great. We did awesome. Remember lost forty seats in the house, the largest since Watergate and many many many of them lost their seats because they couldn't convince Republican women to vote for them because they were too closely tied to Trump. And I don't know what I mean if you come out against them. He tweets mean things about you and Colt forty five won't vote for you. And you lose if you don't stand next to him, and you don't wear a red hat and chat locker up. The D loses. Well, how do you walk that fine line again credit to Doug Ducey credit to governor deuce use appeared to walk that line where Republican women see governor Ducey berry differently than they see Martha mcsally Republican women see the two as very different as evidenced by the vote totals. I bet strategists are really taken a good look at Arizona now. Well, twenty twenty years is. Let me put it this way you sitting down. I know that you are by the way. You're looking. The first debates presidential debates. On the decide. He pulled me this year. We're coming up. That's how close we are to the next election cycle. We're going to have televised debates over the presidential election coming up in the next six months. Sorry, sorry. I hope none of you threw up in your mouth. I apologize. If I really wears. But that but that was what happened in two thousand and. Fifteen as we we headed towards. Yeah. That's that was the schedule back. Then I didn't realize it was that. I just hadn't stopped to think about how close it was are you headed to the family for the holidays. So how would you react if upon showing up for Christmas dinner, you were handed a Bill before you sit down. We're going to need you to pay for Christmas dinner, one mother-in-law's doing it. We'll tell you about that after Bob McClay checks in with our top stories..

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