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Kaylin young yeah Millennial that was? OJ Simpson's go to man who lived in the coach house that's exciting yeah listen good hair and you know what he took a. Tragedy, and literally made it into his life's work to where he. Made so much money during that tragedy of OJ Simpson. Son, killing his wife and then OJ being accused of it but that's for. Another, show, that Kato kaylin really, became yeah we're going to get the. Calls are lighting up on that? One homeboy listen I as. I said? Before With, the OJ Simpson thing He was a swinger swingers don't. Get jealous The only one who gets, jealous that kind of jealous is. The son which is why I said then, and I say now it was the sun but onto More per conspiracy theory night Sean another night that's that's for, my own show and another night job, gives me one okay so here's. What I wanted to talk about as we've, laid out For a while now is that I have seen And and you have seen Democrats become, full-fledged socialists we've noticed many many years ago that they started to have more in common with the Soviet Union and the constitution of, the Soviet Union and Venezuela and, these these totalitarian. Socialist countries then they, did our principles are fundamentals and I took great. Pride in the. Tea party I really did and, I remember on the night Obama was elected being from Chicago being witness to. The corruption and, the failure but more importantly the overall foundation of their belief system which is socialism right that it, was going. To be very very bad but I, also realized in that climate the true people who believe in liberty would rise and it was refreshing to have the tea party come up and to hear the fundamentals of, liberty freedom and the individual In fact what we were really doing was arguing, the enlightenment. The grounds of the country right we, are to be represented not ruled the problem I have is that in today's Republican party you are sounding more and more like the people we disagreed with in all wait Then the people we we said we were, in weight and I understand that this is a tribal time I get it and as as you listen to me host, Joe? Show earlier listen. I understand that the. Real collusion isn't, between Donald Trump and Russia the real collusion is between our bureaucracies are law. Enforcement bureaucracies and the Democrats sycophants that inhabit them colluding with Hillary Clinton to really that was going to be what influence, the election right wasn't about Russia Vladimir Putin didn't care he was hoping, and we've laid it out over the course of the last couple of hours he was hoping. That Hillary, Clinton would win because that's when they really had, their way with the United, States? Of America visit under Donald, Trump and. The and the proof is in the pudding both in, the sanctions and in the trade were that I don't agree with by the. Way And that's the. Broader point Trump in, in my, opinion has taken advantage of this now I'm not questioning his intentions his intentions I believe, he's a patriot I believe he wants to do what's best, I, get it but what it's turning into is a nationalist society and. Ironically protectionism that he's practicing nationalism that he's preaching and I, mean that when he tells these these athletes you may not agree with it whether they kneel or not this America baby, you? Don't you don't. From mount high in. Washington DC throw, demands to private employees you better do this or this will happen that's the. Kind of collectivism the kind of totalitarianism the strong man that we rally against in other countries we rage against that that's what we fought off here in America if you go back to how, it all started we had another guy faraway trying to tell us how to act every day So if you really. Have the principles of liberty and the foundation of what Americanism is you cannot. Be a nationalist and. I mean that more importantly when you see. Are subsidized economy in the protectionist policies he's implemented, this is my biggest argument do we care about the spending and debt anymore Do, you care about the fact. That the, government spending is, now being touted. As a strong GDP. Do you see that listen Republicans are the, ones that kill your liberty Democrats talk about it but the Republicans are the. One that spent the money, under Obama six years in congress ladies and gentlemen the weeds supposed to work congress rates the checks Congress's the taxing body. Congress makes the law so what. I reject is even if you let's say that that Donald Trump, and I do think he has great, intentions I think he's simply wrong but I also think. He's very heavily influenced by. People who have made billions of. Dollars in Wilbur Ross scoundrel. And look this guy up ladies and gentlemen Wilbur Ross is a fifty year scoundrel who has misused and abused government power. Paid off people in power have, his company sought after and looked after and subsidize so he made, his money Peter Navarro is. A well intended no nothing didn't do anything but Teach he wrote some books he never took a dollar invested in made three he? Didn't do it he's? He's? Very similar to the to the girl in Brooklyn Jenny from around, the block Cortez who we reject as a socialist he's a failed capitalist who'd rather than, than put the, blame on themselves and their. Own failure, blame the system, so Peter Navarro. Has convinced Donald Trump. And by the way Peter Navarro is a, nobody he wasn't hurt off he was a teacher in in the west coast. He was not a government, official he's not a captain of industry is not an innovator a producer nothing he has this theory and what Donald Trump. Has done is accept this theory. And what we're not recognizing is it is the same Keynesianism of, the Obama era that you rejected it's, the same thing it's not just tinkering with with a. Society or the academy it's. About picking winners and losers about. Deciding, which workers are more, virtuous It is about manipulation of the most basic thing, to us and that's. Our economy and and the rhetoric that goes on. With it is about. Rallying a false patriotism and I say this to you Eric, that's when people stop thinking and they go on emotion because everybody, listening to talk radio on a Friday night at this time a nightmare there patriots you don't have to all. Agree but these are patriots see the, one thing we've lost, and this is the beauty. Of being an old. Man I can remember when the guy across the. Street or next door to you. Was a moron because he didn't believe with your beliefs, but he, was. A patriot and you didn't question it might have fought in Korea might have fought in Vietnam you didn't agree on every single thing and that's not what we're supposed to do. If we agree what. Are we all stepford citizens everybody agree everybody chant but I'm. Seeing signals of that in in Trump world in in in America today Because if we. Can't agree on, fundamental rights and wrongs? Then we're. Just kettle being herded, then we're just driven by by full rage and key words we're not thinking anymore And I saw this with, the acceptance and here's what I'm. Very proud of when I host the Joe Walsh show it. Was during this time Early on prior to the election Joe. Let me fill in it's one of the first times I filled in I recognize the name Paul Manafort Paul Manafort is a forty year scumbag he was a. Part of the stone Manafort and black lobbyist firm who lobbied to these third. World dictators and North Africa and the Middle East in South America he was the liaison that. Made sure that our country get involved, in countries we should have never been not only that we subsidize the terrorists who then became the rulers So. The fact that we now have. Good Americans reasonable people embracing things, they would, rally against whether it's Keynesianism economics sold. His patriotism or whether it's bad players like Paul. Manafort it leads me to believe we're not thinking about what true, Americanism true patriotism is in. Until we do that we're going to have different. Versions of bad ideas different speeds. Of the same road to serfdom we're. Going to lose if we don't remember what liberty property rights and individual was that's Americanism it's about the individual sat about party affiliation this is the Joe Walsh. Program my name is Shawn Thompson infra Joe Walsh I promise that wouldn't break. The show we're just gonna. Stretch it out a little bit we'll be back after these messages.

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