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Identified. Catherine, thanks so much. Appreciate it. You're welcome. And that CBS senior investigative correspondent Catherine herridge. For 18. Traffic and weather on the 8 years, Dave dildine. We're talking about some pretty big truck crashes this hour, leaving northeast D.C.. It is very slowly on D.C. two 95 and New York avenue beyond kenworth avenue, eastbound on 50. It is a jackknife tractor trailer and a fuel spill with guardrail damage and only one lane to the right, getting by on 50 through Chevrolet. From land over in the beltway, full speed ahead. Eastbound on 50 toward buoy at Apple and across the bay bridge. On the capitol beltway, we don't have any lane blocking incidents. It is volume delays on four 95, 95, BW Parkway and two 70. In Virginia, they're going for a new crash on I 66 westbound. This one's going to wind up between fairfax county Parkway in 28. The original crash was west of 29 in Centreville. That's getting cleared off the right shoulder. Back to truck Rex. A big one in Warrington. Southbound on route 29, the drivers who have been waiting the longest on the bypass beyond Metz road getting by the overturned truck and another one involved in the crash, single file to the right, under police direction. The V dot district down there is claiming that southbound traffic on 29 from new Baltimore is being diverted onto business 29 through warrenton itself. Northbound on the bypass traffic it's by the response, single file to the right. 95 southbound at the Dale City car rest area, the broken down truck, and the response blocking the right lane on the main line to left lanes are getting by, but this one is backed up traffic into woodbridge back to near lorton. On the north and south bound lanes of three 95, volume delays anywhere between shirlington and the third street tunnel. Southbound tunnel traffic is awfully slow toward the southeast Southwest freeway. There might be a works on there. And again, just a reminder that if you're heading out down toward Maryland out of northeast, considering other options with the status of route 50 that we just mentioned in Chevrolet. Life is better when we do things together, like sharing the ride to work, learn more at commuter connections dot org, Dave dildine

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