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With the wins now those winds have subsided some but we're expecting the worst Red Flag wins of the season David coming up in just a couple of days all right Matt Cup leading us off Tonight Matt thank you and as you heard Matt mentioned there the Wayne's it is all about the forecast we know we're Madison Los Angeles those winds are really supposed to pick up Tuesday night tomorrow night into Wednesday so let's get right to meteorologist Rob Marciano also live in California tonight he's got the forecast northern and Southern California rob good evening David the smoke hanging in the air over the bay area as we set to recharge this wind set up over the next twenty four hours already we have high wind watches extremely across much of the state of the wind you can pick up already here northern California beginning tomorrow morning for a critical fire danger set up and then tomorrow late across southern California extremely critical there with winds gusting fifty to eighty miles an hour those dangerous conditions David expected to last through Thursday we'll be watching that very closely and rob while we have you tonight there's also a new winter storm moving across the country feeding into the Santa Ana winds but we're dealing with snow and plummeting temperatures tonight back into the rock is again David and as you know that cold air does feed these Santa Ana no wins and this is the coldest air of the season that's coming down the pipe so winter storm warnings coming in already had six inches of snow in Denver this one drops in again tomorrow into Wednesday could have another six to twelve inches in Denver and points East and there's that cold air coming in and that's going to last right in through the end of this week invigorating those winds that as well thinking about everyone in California tonight thank you rob now to that other major headline tonight we have new reporting this evening on that daring. US raid in Syria that took down the world's most wanted terrorist isis head.

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