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The business later on that's Phil Sheridan. This is Bloomberg. This is world where you can buy anything shipping. Meet anyone anywhere twenty four hours a day in the old days. It was simple should go for your business. News to what stands out for you in terms of the headlines here. Do you give a shared European budget in the next decade? Explain what Exxon did wrong and what Chevron did right? Limburg radio the Bloomberg business app and bloombergradio dot com. Blue bird the world is listening. You interested in challenging exciting career one where you can be part of solving complex challenges across industries and geographies. Bloomberg's ever-expanding technology data news and media services foster innovation empower clients for nearly limitless opportunities for career growth. Visit Bloomberg dot com slash careers to date. Current job opportunities. Bloomberg LT is an equal opportunity employer. The address once again is Bloomberg dot com slash. Bloomberg business of sports podcast. Where the money is blowing inside sports from the marketing perspective where the dollar spectrums union owners snicking, Michael bars, the names that power is multi billion dollar industry threat stock CEO sent Kennedy National Hockey League Commissioner Gary bed. Bloomberg works. Listen today on Bloomberg dot com. The move. Scribe on handle podcasts. Where in the world is the financial news you need. Do you think that the Bank of England will actually follow through where is the business and market information? That drives your success. This game of chicken is going to end the and where will you find information on political events around the globe? These Vince going to have an impact on the Chinese economy, anywhere. And everywhere you are is America energy independent. Bloomberg radio. The Bloomberg business happened bloombergradio dot com. Bloomberg the world is listening. Let's get you a quick check latest business headlines with Annabel drillers bell. Thank you. Well, another setback with Samsung profit that missed analysts estimates even after that already Bain recently reduced first quarter net income with full point two billion dollars acapella to estimates. Close to five billion grappling with falling memory revenue and a fourth light of its first potable pain after ports of defects and early test models properties up the biggest lend any night at Arab Emirates. I Abby Dhabi Bank reported first quarter games of four percent mating. Analysts estimates as income from FX and investments rose net income advanced to eight hundred forty six million dollars from year ago state controlled Leonard said it's outlook for the unchanged. And if I'm track to make twenty nineteen financial targets. Didn't they hit a new high as a vengeance? Endgame shattered box office, records, the film's one point two billion dollar weekend. Prompting analysts expect the studio division to contribute much more to the company's overall profit. It also stated the positive of head of the launch of the Disney. Plus.

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