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40 degrees now and looking for 57 later on today, with lots of sunshine got very good one. That's for sure. It's 14 minutes after eight o'clock, Mitch Clark is with us from access Wdun calm and our news department and we're talking about What you've been reading about. And that is access Wdun in review for the past year and Mitch, you've been compiling numbers here for a while. Just trying to find out what we read the most. It's kind of fun exercise we do every year to try and see what the most read stories on the website were in the past year. And you can probably guess I'm gonna have something and something tells me where the pandemic is probably number one, but I don't know. I don't know, but but one of the things that I found interesting is that, um, Usually when we do this every year, it's usually Horrible car accidents or horrendous crimes. I think that we've got some of those in the top 20 stories this year, but there's a new, interesting mix of stories and the pandemic. Was not The only thing that people were reading about this year. Six Corona virus related stories here in the top 20. So that shows you there's a lot of other stories ever. We were making other news, right, right. Okay, so let's let's just count down. The top five will strike number five. If you want to do in that direction, all right. That's fine, While number five was one of those horrible stories, it's from January. On employee was killed on the job accident in January Filled all farms on Thompson Bridge Road. Admirable, Okay, Number five. Number four on the list of our four of is one of those interesting stories that isn't one of the typical things you see this one from October, The whole County Commission approved the request from the sheriff's office to make a larger than usual purchase of ammunition. Was a shortage of ammunition. They had the opportunity to stock up on it to avoid the shortage, so they did that. And that was the fourth most restoring order Fourth most read stories of the entire and that was the entire year was in October. Okay, lot of folks curious right Number three number three. Also gun related her Haversham County vote in January to make the county Georgia's 1st 2nd amendment Sanctuary County. Remember that cause quite a stir a little bit of talk on the air and a lot of talk on social Media s O. That was an interesting story number third for the year. And then this is the story that I thought was going to be number one. I think I told everybody around the office that this was gonna be number one, So we just had miss convene algae, and we've got the runner up. That's right. The second most red story of the year and mother with these next two are by far the most read stories of the year. Number two was when the first two patients at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center facility were diagnosed with covert 19 that was in the middle of March, was on a weekend. And turns out the two people were not from Hall County, but they were being treated at all county facility. That was the first to people in our area that were confirmed with virus. We'll fast number two Then our crown wearing winter must be quite a big story. It was a big story. That's the day Governor camp issued the statewide shelter in place. Order. Ah, yes, I could see where that would be. Because there were so many questions about what does that mean to me? What can I do? What kind of knot do exactly what businesses are open? Can I go to work? Those sorts of things that mean you won't talk about a story that affected every single We have stories that affect a lot of live stories that don't affect lives. Except you're curious about that is all story touched every single Georgian correct, and it also was the day at the same time, he announced the shelter in place, he announced he was closing all public schools. Through the end of the current school year, although schools will be going virtually, But he was closing the physical building so That was by far if eight year olds could vote. He was elected insulation. Yeah, no more school. What do you mean? We have to go online? What exactly did you see that the fine print? There you go. All right, well, that Z interesting and I can see where that would be. And I had not even in all the stories about this past year I planned pandemic and politics. Certainly I would think we had some of those that bubbled up. Uh, is there we don't have any political stories. The top 20 in the top 20 really? And I think that's because, um Nobody's interested. Well, well. It was a big national story low the presidential election. We just didn't have as much. Local races. You didn't have people coming to here to find out about Um, you know the county Commissioner Ray wouldn't have county commissioner places and in school board racism? Yeah, okay. And in most of our county's, we didn't. All right. All right. So before we wrap this up here, I just kind of curious about Any time that people do these sorts of things you always find something that sort of surprises. You alright? And you kind of go. That's interesting. Did you? Did you have any of those e got a couple of things first of all, uh, 2020 was an odd year in a lot of ways. But the most odd thing that I found in looking at this is that, um all but three of the top 20 stories of the year happened in the first six months of the year. Wow. We only had three stories. It happened in the second half of the year. I told you one of them. That was the one from October with the ammunition. The Haversham County Second Amendment to know that was in January wasn't generation January. The, um Store That just happened recently where the mother has been charged with killing her two Children. What I wanna gut turnings. Yeah, that was that was in the top 10, and then we had a story from July. On it was there had been a A suspect who fled from police cost a traffic accident that killed a man That was in July. And that was the number 10 story so The biggest news of the year happened. And of course, that's when the pandemic right and everything else is just sort of kind of related but night once you got past that first one Life was defined. What else was there? Right? And then I also I thought in the in the aftermath of the George Floyd death in, uh Minnesota. And we had our share of protests here and gains fully undressed. Atlanta in Gainesville is everywhere. Only two stories from that cracked the top 20 and one was 16 and one was number 19. How about that interesting, are we what are we are we are We gonna make this you you can go to access wdun dot com right now and see the entire list, including links. Well, tell that story. Yeah, e told me I could have cheated. Okay. All right, dog gone it. I need to be more up today. I'm looking at the survey for that. That's what I was looking at. So I didn't see that. Okay. Survey looking like, certainly Right now. It has not changed a.

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