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Welcome back. Everybody episode thirty nine hashing it out. As always on your host, Cory petty. And I'm here with my trustee co hosts Konkan shea say Hello everybody has oh everbod since Fe. We have an ice guest. Smart guests at Dr fellow PHD. But this one actually has a PHD in crypto currencies. And that's that exact title of what his PHD yet. But he's one of the first I'd say to get his PHD in this technology. Patrick Corey do you want to start us off by giving us a quick introduction? As to how you got into the space introduced what you're currently working on. Yes. So I got introducing this is back in twenty thirteen. So I took this catastrophe model dramatic graduate on Kentucky was the hardest. Modulate took and it's really exciting because no cryptos like wizardry. And then when discovery puffy I met my soon to be adviser is it phone how I wanna do PHD in this area, and you helped me with that. And then he told me about this thing called bitcoin this being used in the dark web is called this crypto Kirk. Nice. You look at it silent on these log close the news articles event in the rooms bitcoin dab coin wizards. And I it was just got hooked. I mean, there's not most catastrophe in it. So that was a bit of a wist. But then, you know, it was weird internet money that nobody expressly. So. Yeah, that's why I got into this this on over the pas five years sust being so exciting the seats the evolution of it. Nick. For example. When I started my PHD, they were to professor warned me against base potty, you're talented student. You have a really good PHD. Why are you in your time in this weird internet money that was gonna take seriously then drew my via? Yeah. Drew my vibe of one or two years ago. One of the Siyam professor Jim exam, a said potty, you're right. You know, you're on the right? I l vindicated. Yeah. I got the other one didn't never acknowledged it. But one of them did I was so happy about that. So I got really lucky in terms of the topic. I mean back then. Rivera few people doing this. I think there was like four or five real papers on the area. The end of the the years. I guess I've just been I think not as a more motion focus layer to skilling off GM protocols on other being trying to work out. You know, what is this going to look like in five years time in is off jingling takover? The light network kick off of love matere often. How will all these sort of work together? Ethica accommodates conception about later solutions is that they're competing and that one size fits all for a lot of them. And I think that's the opposite case for a lot of things, and we've pointed out some your recent papers that like what are the applicable applications of state channels, and like what like what type of, you know, maybe social contexts or gauge minutes between people are appropriate for these types of solutions and not one-size-fits-all and fact more often than not will probably see combination of these things in actual practice further down the line. Do you agree with that? Yes. So let me hook it. I take that away. So I think there's a. Two or three competing solutions. I mean, when I say competing, not really competing get the up there's auction channels or the idea there's there's small group of parties to three or four people on this one run a smart contract locally amongst themselves. It don't wanna interact with the network. They don't wanna pay transaction fees. They do want the block militancy. You don't wanna wait around for ten minutes for your transaction affirmed, so they do this often channel. So that's really exciting..

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