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Morning yeah we a known diesel the only let me know me just got is shown yeah just does it mean to win so thank you in a need to and coming in a way that is still gone bad on you because every time notice we live in to say yeah we noticed doing I mean no stress the bill into my doesn't mean that we have but I so thank you in a need to and I saw you last night but due to morning everybody is DJ envy Angela yee Charlamagne the guy we are the breakfast club a show when you get a positive note yes Hey if I want to salute WGCI morning show in Chicago one man Leon Rogers kindred G. and Carl Santelli and even they don't they don't like are you the last name because they say it doesn't as well in the market but still he did tell me that yes this is saluted him a celebrating five years I think that's a big milestone was I think that's a big milestone in because it's hard to stay in any position for five years but especially a morning radio show and a major market and I have Bob an arm before maybe getting us the hell out of here they don't even give us opportunities silly and I did his later on with Leon show while I was out there in Chicago so that was really fine yeah absolutely demands wanna I wanna big them up at the cell as something that should be celebrated later with less later with Leon sorry yeah congrats to death if saluted him on their five year anniversary yes and I always enjoyed talking to candidates who so she's at a great person to chop it up with and I yeah her opinions on things are I think I'm pretty dope for me as a woman like we have a lot of those conversations yes real age you I don't know if you know that but she wants a relationship so we used to have dreads Alcorn roles like this summer in our room if you would care no I yeah corner okay okay okay all right but leaves a positive note listen I did go back to a conversation we would have an early on the breakfast club today when the young lady said that you know she she don't want to America's you saw the voices of all around her I just want to say if you didn't come from a healthy family just make sure a healthy family comes from you.

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