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But you were so close that all of it was was happening in front of you, You know, I mean, it's just to me. The geography of it doesn't necessarily mean that impacted you less or more. I mean, it's just that everybody felt that regardless of where you were, I feel closer to New York City and Manhattan when I'm staying in Hoboken, as opposed to staying in Manhattan, because when you're there in Hoboken looking across Ross, the river. It's a very short river there that short distance. You're taking in the towers, the sights the new year taking it in more so than when you're in it, In my opinion. Judy King. Yeah, Yeah, And all these people were like I said that was I think the statistic was 500,000. Half a million people were taken off of Manhattan Island that day by boat. And they did it in nine hours, and it was the largest maritime evacuation in history. Judy, can you hang on, stay with us for another segment. Option. Great, uh, talking to Judy Ferry. You know her story about all the boats coming to the rescue. Remind me of the occasion Navy down there in New Orleans after Katrina. It's just nice to see the best in people trying to help out in a worst case scenario. Judy Farah was a senior editor at KFBK radio station that we both worked at different times. And she was in New York. She was in Hoboken, New Jersey, I should say the day of the September 11th attacks and was supposed to be at the world Trade Centers will continue with our conversation with Judy here in just a second. Gary and Shannon and Amy King has.

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