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In writing podcast is sponsored by Lighthouse Deep Space is calling and lighthouses helping the Space Industry's innovators answer the call for modernizing Nasr's enterprise. It Eh to processing over thirty five thousand pounds of mission critical supplies each year to keep the international space station fully operational lighthouse delivers the it engineering and science to advance today's most important space capabilities learn how at lighthouse dot com slash space after a few hours von. Braun was supposed to bid farewell to the president who is headed straight to Florida to get a similar tour of Cape Canaveral but von Braun had gotten to chatting with vice president and right before they were about to leave Johnson asked Fawn Brown. Why don't you hop aboard Air Force to tag along with us for the rest of the trip. Von Braun was not one to say no oh so he climbed aboard the vice president's plane no toothbrush no change of clothes of course no cell phone at that time he left behind his staff at the Marshall Space Flight Center and he jetted off on this multiday adventure across the other space centers of the South it down in Florida at Cape Canaveral. They walked around the Massive Rocket Launch Complex Kennedy Eddie wore a pinstripe suit and he squinted up at this skyscraper scaffolding of the launch pads then he'd slip on his sunglasses before taking them off again they looked at mercury capsules they met with large crowds of site workers shook hands with astronauts. WCHS US based capital the president or the long chat with Waldron. 'em Shera Center our next men and Kennedy had set all of this in motion. It was hard to tell if he was proud or afraid of this thing he had unleashed. Maybe both the next day they arrived lived in Houston. It was a blazing hot day for a speech especially with the humidity von Braun road in in an air conditioned Cadillac limousine as part of the presidential entourage but he was still sweltering President Kennedy on the other hand road the forty minutes or so to Rice University stadium in an open convertible the strong Texas Sun beating down on them. Kennedy delivered his speech from the field of the stadium. No she'd gene insight we meet at a college noted for knowledge and they said he noted for progress mm-hmm noted for strength and we stand in need of all three opening lines might not be too familiar but this would become one of Kennedy's means most famous presidential speeches and that's because of the part he said about the moon why some say the move why choose this as our goal and they may well ask why climb the highest mountain why thirty five years ago fly the Atlantic it was crafted by his speechwriter Ted Sorensen Rice Lake Texas but that line was a last minute addition from Kennedy. The speech had the grandeur and the poetry and the delivery that was missing from the one he gave Congress choose to go to the mall. I think we choose to go to the MOV-. We choose to go to the moon and this and do the other thing not because they are easy because they may call that gold will serve organize. Johnson sat right behind him listening his sunglasses on. He unbuttoned his jacket. He wiped the sweat off his neck with a handkerchief. Spectators flapped their hats in their face like fans but if you watch the video of the speech and you keep your eyes on Kennedy you never know it was scorching hot. He had come a long way from the attended senator announcing his presidential run in the Senate caucus room because that challenge is one that we're willing to accept one we are unwilling to both bone and one we intend to win the others.

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