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Manny ever will be a he's way more mobile today than Philip rivers ever will be so, but is he as mobile as Carson Wentz can be no that's all I'm saying in pointing that out. And I think the eagles are going to be smart. They have been smart all along. They're not gonna put him at undue risk. I think helped me out the words that coach Peterson used that. He doesn't coach cautiously. I would agree with him one hundred percent. He's obviously a great coach and a Super Bowl winning coach. He doesn't coach cautious cautious. He said, no limitations is one of the things. He said, doc. Well. Well, you have to understand that. Because he's a smart, man. There's also something called coachspeak right in terms of, you know, tipping his hand in terms of what's going on on the one hand, he said, no, limitations. And I believe you also talked about max-protect didn't he? So, you know, maybe they're not limiting Carson, but they're helping him out around him. You know, so to me and I'm not being on coach Peterson for using coachspeak. Everyone. Does you have say normally there would have to be some limitations based on where they would be in terms of recovery. Well, you know, you don't have to because you could you know, gamble tiny bit. But the eagles have been smart a lot. I just don't see the eagles not being smart here. I don't expect the same number of RPO plays as he had when he was really turned it up in MVP form, not certainly this week. Maybe as the season goes on they're going to give him plays that he can do. Well, and that don't put him at undue risk. Remember Doug Peterson is also the coach that said, hey, look, I'm tied to him. I'm not gonna put him at risk. I'm not gonna endanger him, you know. He's got a twelve fifteen year career there. He was my first guy. Those are all things that okay? I'm not second guessing the decision to put him in great with that. But if you're saying you're putting him back in and you're gonna put him back in two thousand seventeen play calls informing and let them run and RPO I think coach Peterson's too smart for that. But, you know, coach speak, and what are we going to do? And we're gonna not gonna limit him. And that's always the things that you say, but maybe you're not limiting here. Maybe you're just not asking him to do everything. Or maybe you're having the other team the rest of your team do something else like max-protect to try and get him comfortable or put him in a position to succeed that's coach Peterson's job. And he's been great at it. And he's going to do with Carson to all right? There is the good doctor, David Chow. You can check him out on Twitter at pro football dock and really stories of pro football,.

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