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A diamond. No doubt about yeah. I mean you know it started a just was on a little trip Chattanooga and jeremy johnson had posted the video in in my group Global towel posse. And so you know obviously you see the video and your. I mean the first time i saw it. I just kinda was like this is this is this. Can't be real whatever you know. And and so You know obviously the the comments that are coming in and then you realize that this is not a joke and this actually happened so You know i didn't. I hadn't really thought about it much. After that point got on a plane got home Just was really interesting moment. Where i was sitting at the island. And kim was kinda standing across from me. And i was like man. I've got this overwhelming feeling. Like i have to reach out to this woman and try to find her. Try to try to try to track her down. It was interesting because it hit me hard. Like i just i could feel it in my bones and so i thought you know maybe i'll call email the radio station so i did i or the news station. I emailed caiaccio. And i copied. I think william and erin and mark walsh and some other people thinking if i have some other people paying attention to this. Maybe maybe they'll see something happened. So you know the next day check my email check my email and nothing came through and obviously i. I started feeling really anxious. You know my my thought was if i have to watch somebody else do this bathroom. I'm getting i'm getting. I mean it's. I'm not going to be okay with that so So then i thought okay. How can i. How can i find you know. Amber she wasn't on facebook and and i didn't. I looked around a couple of things. And so i found in the most annoying place of all time which is linked in..

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