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You know about how how you came across the the music for your show and how was composed and how you decided on it. And i think it's great. Thank you for doing a wonderful podcast by. Oh this makes me happy. I'm so glad that you enjoy the intro music So when i was getting ready to launch the show and i was putting everything together back in february of twenty seventeen which is when ultimately launched. I just searched royalty free music sites. Ruthie music and on a bunch of those sites have no idea which one i use. I just googled royalty free music and you could search by mood and i searched by happy because i knew that i want. I think i did. Happy and upbeat. Because that's how. I want people to feel when they listen to the show. And i just feel like the that just matches my mood and energy most of the time and I narrowed it down to a few. But this was the one that i liked the most and so i love that you love it. I'm glad you enjoy it My hope is that when you cue up these episodes and you hear it at the very beginning. If you're running it gets you gets a little pep in your step. I think that's the mood that it conveys and i hope you well. I'm glad you like it so yeah royalty free music site searched for happy upbeat and maybe energetic. Definitely happy and upbeat. And that's the whole story. It was not composed just for me. It might exist elsewhere. Maybe we'll hear it on a commercial someday and will all say welcome to the alley on the run show and then they'll be like this is a commercial for samsung. And that'll be confusing. But you know. Cross that bridge when we get to it. Maybe maybe there's a partnership opportunity in which case no offense samsung but in which case it'd be great if it were like an apple commercial maybe like a private jet commercial Just trying to think of my you know my needs in life. I need a computer a phone and a private jet. Just reasonable. A reasonable wishlist. So thanks for calling like it. Let me just put myself on pause here for a minute so i can tell you about our sponsor for the ask allie series and that is good. Here's a story. My parents just went on a trip a few weeks ago with their friends with their best friends from high school. Isn't that cute. They're all still friends. They went up to the finger lakes which i had to look up on a map and they do. They look like little fingers awesome before they left. My mom sends me a text. Can data and i borrow some sunglasses for the trip. Now mind you. I lived with my parents in their home for fifteen months. I am well aware of inventory. I know what they have and do not have and they have signed glasses. They have glasses of the reading and be sunshine variety in every room of their house. There are glasses in coffee mugs everywhere but they wanted my losses more specifically they wanted to raise my good or stash and i mean since i own more than twenty pair to date. I was happy to oblige. Also i lived with them for fifteen months. Imagine if i said no. You can't borrow sunglasses though. I will be honest. I knew they weren't reaching out to borrow them. I know that. I will not be getting these sunglasses back. So i brought a few pair over their house including one of my favorites bosley. Basset hound dreams which turns out my mom. Also love so later bosley. Basset hound dreams. I no longer own you. So my mom's sending me pictures from their trip and i noticed the glasses in the photos on their hikes. Kill so proud. My parents rockin good or shades at the finger lakes which by the way are in new york at one point. My mom texted me a photo from one of the wineries. Were at a photo of a bunch of good or sunglasses for sale at the counter. She has since brought this up multiple times. I think it's so cool. They were selling your sunglasses from your podcasts. At the winery we were at. I'm like we were on the phone at one point. Let's go more than a day without talking ahead. My mom puts her friend carmen on the phone. They were another winery. They had done a few tastings day and carmen's going alley. I want a pair of those sunglasses that your parents have. And i laugh and i'm like okay. What colors do you like so. She told me that she likes purple. And i look at my stash. And i've got three pair of purple gooders one of which are now on their way to carmen and her husband. Ron gets on the phone and he tells me that he stole the pair that i let my dad borrow. So now it's just like a whole thing all this to say that while yes. We love our or sunglasses for running and outdoor activity and i happily endorse them every single day. It seems they are also a great gift for parents. Who are going on tights and wine tastings just throwing that out there so you can go to gooder dot com slash on the run and use code on the run fifteen to get fifteen percent off your entire purchase stock up for yourself and know that someone you love and their friends from high school. Probably raise your stash eventually again. That's good or dot com slash on the run for fifteen percent off. What's your next question. Hi allie. My name is amanda from dubuque. Isla and i have a question. And but i i wanted to let you know that I think back in the fall you posted on instagram. Any a blog post about taking a trip to bar. Harbor bain and going to kenya national park and i was obsessed and had honestly never heard of that city in maine before so i planned a trip for my husband thirty summer and we visited bar harbor but a few days hiking around acadia and going to some of the restaurants in your so. Thank you for all of those recommendations in that post so i was wondering What other areas. In the new england region would you recommend disney Living in iowa we like to just try and check out other areas of the country so Just curious if you have any cool spa or cities or harks or anything that you recommend. Think so much okay. That is so cool that you went to acadia and that you use those recommendations. I always whenever. I write posts like that. It's usually for my own preservation. So i remember like what did we do. Where did we go. And i just i want that little time capsule so i love that you used it. That is so great so yes you should totally come back to new england since you did acadia. That's a great place to check off People will chime in. Because i'm gonna miss a bunch. But i'll just tell you some of my favorite places If you didn't stop in portland maine on your way. Portland is very very cute. Little seacoast town. I also love kennebunkport kennebunkport feeling. We grew up going there quite a bit I don't know why. But i remember being really obsessed with seeing George bush's house. Not because i cared about. George bush But their house is really cool and on the water and i was like obsessed with seeing the secret service Outside the gate and like not being able to get too close. I remember thinking that if we like walked by we were gonna get in trouble. And i have a constant fear of maybe getting in trouble and so i would always be really nervous but I don't know i don't know why i remember being in kennebunkport with my parents on multiple occasions but i always liked doing that. Very cute town My dad would bring us into the thomas. Kincaid art gallery and i thought that was like peak culture right there. I was like i am in art gallery where they delights and it makes the pictures look different. Oh my god like this is amazing. Forget the lose. I have found culture.

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