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When you think cardio, what comes to mind, Richard Simmons? Okay. Well, that's a throwback. But I think more like biking running cardio bunnies. Possibly. I mean. I know for me, I think about that because used to be one of those cardio bunnies. Just too afraid to try anything else in the gym. And that was mainly because I didn't really know what else to do in the gym. But here's the thing though, cardio is important. Ho important is it can't is really important. You know, it just helps with everything and helps build stronger hearts. It helps us burn fat and calories in a shorter amount of time. And that is why today's episode is all about cardio and why cardio is important for men. Women beginners more experienced gym goers and everyone in between. So I'm Candice, and I'm Andrew and this is the Libyan healthy podcasts. All about that cardio about that cardio. Bonnie. I Bala back cardio back party of funny. We're all about that Cardi about that cardio. We're buddies. Oh, yes. We'd sound. That's awesome. I do. I do have to ask you a question though, Kansas. Yes, What's a cardio bunny? What are we just think about okay, so cardio bunny is are those girls that just hang out on the treadmills or stair climbers and their grade? Yeah. Too. Timid little bunnies. I used to be one. Okay. Well, I just took a leap and decided to sing about without knowing what that is about. But okay, that's not bad. All right. Well, this show is all about cardio. So for that. We're going to be bringing back two guests. The first is elephant is personal training director Tristan alleman. And we also have dietitian Debbie with us here to help us understand the benefits of adding that cardio to your workout routine. So welcome back to the show guys. Thank you for having us here. Good to be back. So Tristan let's start with you the basic question why is cardio so important. Well, you know, of course, that all depends on your goal cardio is important for mainly two things. Probably the most obvious thing is to keep your heart, healthy, your heart and your lungs. You know, your heart's pretty much the most important muscle in your body. Right. So you gotta keep your heart strong. Also, you know to burn extra calories cardio has great benefit. You know, if you're trying to lose body fat. But another thing too is the thing that I experienced from cardio because I like to do cardio in the morning. It gets the oxygen flowing through your body early in the day or even in the middle of your day. Just so, you know, by the time to get you get to work or do what you do throughout the day. Your brain's kind of activated. You've got blood flowing through your body the oxygen going around your body and you like the early morning cardio. I really do. Oh my gosh. I cannot agree with that. I'll do the lunch thing. And maybe that helps me get past that afternoon stage totally so after work, and I know I drag myself to the gym, and I'm always so exhausted. But it makes sense because after work you now, I feel super energized yen. You gotta do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. So what kind of what what are some exercise that constitute cardio accounts is cardio? You know, anything that really gets your heart rate up. I think that could be considered cardio. Of course, like what most people think of is like the treadmill or the stairmaster the bikes elliptical you could do cardio when a group class. You know, the Zuma classes are great. It gets your heart rate up. You can even do hit training where you're doing strength training cardio combined. Really anything that gets your heart rate up would probably be considered cardio. So if I'm running and instead of just a really low level jog, I'm doing some hills. Well that be cardio for me that would be cardio Exxon. Okay. Just getting your heart rate up essentially, kind of anything that's going to do that. Exactly. What? How does it? You kind of mentioned the heart being such an important muscle of the money. What is it about cardio that affects the heart? Well, it makes your heart stronger. Right. So if you're if you're doing cardio and in you're not in good condition. Pretty much your heart has to pump a little bit harder to get the blood flowing throughout your body. Because it's not conditioned as you continue to push your body and get your get your heart. Use of strenuous exercise. Just like any other muscle. It's going to get stronger. So your heart's gonna be, you know, you're stroke volume in your heart, which is pretty much what controls how much blood is being pushed out per pump. Right. As you strengthen your heart, your stroke volume increases. Right. So your heart doesn't have to work as hard to push the amount of blood throughout your body. Okay. So on cardia center days, Debbie are there like certain foods that are better to eat on a cardio focus days. It makes more sense to actually just shift some of your calories to the hours surrounding your workout. Because you really wanna feel it rather than thinking about more volume Amore energy on one day versus another. I mean, you could certainly go about that. But actually, if you want to have the best cardio workout. You can you wanna top off your glycogen stores support that performance protect your muscles by getting. Adequate fuel pre and post. So how do you do that? Exactly. I mean, are there certain types of food that are better than others? Sure, I would stay away from anything really highly fatty and fibrous so things like, you know, really deep fried food, bacon cheese or high fiber food. Just the pre. Kim before maybe maybe you get a little bit of sodium boost. But that's, but you know, brand and the shelves of pumpkin seeds. They're not going to help their Tristesse in the high fiber category. But they're not going to help you for that workout would like an apple beforehand be okay. Or is that so you wanna look for non apples fine. You want to look for the the wholesome foods that you're going to choose through. But something that you can digest has to do with the timing. So for me, I don't really like to exercise with a full belly. So if I'm going to have a meal, and I have a substantial meal six eight hundred calories. It's going to be like three hours for me. If you're a Grazer and you're like, oh, well ahead a bowl of cereal an hour ago. Well, then you need eat something again before you go off and do your sixty minutes of your class or what what about like, a protein drinks are those necessary for pre or post cardio workouts. Or is that kind of more reserved for strength training days. You know protein in general is helpful. During your longer kind of aerobic work. That's that's over an hour. You're doing the high intensity interval training as far as supplementing with protein the there's somewhat of a benefit to either the protein shakes or putting a protein powder into a fluid because the liquid form it's just it's easier to digest than chewing through, you know, chicken meat or or what have you? It's just easier on your digestion. But still you don't need your body's not going to utilize more than a bulk of twenty to thirty grams of protein at that sitting in in terms of so you, you know, the concept of oh, I need more protein. Let me power down this, you know, sixteen ounce steak. No, no, right. You know, the four ounces is going to top you off like, that's it Tristan. What's your take on it? I mean, are you more of a like protein drink fan, or do you tend to just have like a glass of milk or something? Yeah. Totally I have used protein shakes in the past. I try to get all my protein through nutrition for the most part I usually use protein shakes for convenience. But you just have to be careful. There's so many supplement companies out there, you gotta make sure you're you have a high quality protein because a lot of this up liament companies have a lot of fillers that really aren't that great for you. So I'd like to use protein shakes for convenience. Do you find that it's best before or after your your workouts? Actually either. I I'm kind of like Debbie in the sense that I don't like to work out on a on a full stomach. So I usually would do it after just for for that. But the main thing is that you have an adequate amount of protein by the end of the day timing is very important for protein, but not as important as just eating the right amount. You know throughout the day for sure, you know, and ready to drink like sealed, a protein drink is easier to transport in gym bag like I'll get it in the freezer and let it thought out or something like that. If I want cold, it's just a little bit easier. Like you said timewise for convenience than going. Okay. We'll wears my ice packs to keep my heart. Buttocks gold. Right. You know, when I got appeal the shells and soon on everyone puts a chicken breast in their gym that the fortune tonight. Yeah. Okay. That's just me.

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