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It's Saturday December seventh and So we are really excited to host coaster next Noelle night this coming up weekend. Well and it's it's Kinda cool to see something that goes so many hours but I think one of the reasons needs to because it covers a lot of ground it's kind of broken up into two sides to correct so we changed our format slightly last year and We have kind of a afternoon tonight. Time portion in in our nighttime portion so the area north of Warren Avenue which really kind of consists of our cultural centers all the museums Wayne State University are participating from one o'clock to seven o'clock in that kind of helps kind of transition into the night time and then our traditional Noel night hours are five ten o'clock so most of our institutions that are south of Warren Avenue Avenue including the Diaz Omo. Cad You know a number of our churches and businesses and restaurants down there are going to be open from five to ten and part of the reason why we had to do that was has to try and create a better user experience The congestion for years had gotten horrible In two thousand seventeen or sixteen actually you know the DIA got over twenty thousand people in there doors within a five hour time period. The event has just gotten too big for everyone involved and then the traffic congestion was awful and then on top of that. You'd get people like you know you need to do this over multiple weekends within December when we just can't afford to do that instead to train kind of spread it out over a longer time period gives people more time to kind of see and do at all. Although the caveat here is there's no way you can see and do it all all at Noel night. I mean I'd like to see somebody. Somebody try I feel like that would be an epic adventure like start right at one. Then start the clock and try to like check off as many as you could. We should probably check that out. I mean we could probably come up with a really amazing award for that but I would be really interesting to see someone try. We've had people do like we're GONNA go see every dance it's Performance or we're going to every possible may contain activity for our kids. I've seen families to do that. But I've never seen anyone able to see and do it all because the thing is too is you're going to want to spend some time at each individual place. I got the note that there's a little bit of change when it comes to Woodward Avenue because I remember in previous years that Woodward Edward would be shut down in places for things there's a little bit of changes with that this year share hits another. I you're not having closed down so for years up through two thousand sixteen ecksteen Woodward was always closed down between the DIA and the Public Library and that was where weed hosts our end of the evening salvation. Army sing along. Well now that we have the q line we are no longer able to close down Woodward in fact you know we had it partially closed on our last electricity's festival you know in two thousand seventeen seventeen as well but that's not. We can't do that anymore And I think a lot of people forget that the queue line has a major impact on events and I think the thanks giving day prayed is one of the few events that is grandfathered in where they're able to close Woodward down obviously to the parade But we've had to kind of re rethink our footprint for or Noel night and soon our our end of the evening sing-along is now hosted in a Wayne State. Parking lot at the corner of Casson Canfield doesn't have quite the same. I'm feeling we know that for sure but it's a great block. It's a great block. It's where shy Nola Jolly Pumpkin city. Bird nest and you know MOTORCITY brewing works in traffic jam. Restaurant are located so it has a ton of action over there and it's really kind of in the middle of the footprint as it continues to grow each year and so this strikes me also as you're talking about congestion earlier this helps out with parking right. Makes it a little bit easier to put you know you can park a little bit closer to different the things because it's kind of spread out a little bit in theory. I mean it should help with parking. I think we all have a problem here with educating the public where to park and I mean I think we're still oh part of this car culture here where people expect to be able to park right next to the place where they want to visit. And it's not always possible. I mean it's Detroit is a big city like any any other big city and generally. You're going to walk a little bit and this is a huge event that it's just easier to get around by foot so we highly suggested a lot of people park in the areas That they normally wouldn't park. I mean there's a number of really safe Wayne State Park Index That are all outlined on our website. which is no all night dot org? Because is I think a lot of people come in and they think I know the Detroit Institute of Arts. I WanNa Park right next to it. And that's not always possible. And so we're encouraging people to explore some mother ducts to park. Just because you'll get in out quicker you'll be closer to a lot of other venues instill get over to the dia on foot very easily. And then also we also offer free shuttles titles that were loop around the footprints you can always jump on a free shuttle and get around fairly quickly. Well I mean it's all beautiful areas of town so that's really you know good to walk and kind of experience Detroit outside of your car. I think it's so important to do that. One of the things is that like I know. A lot of people. Think about that cultural center but in fact there are three three hubs right. Yeah there's a lot of new. There's a couple of new hubs this year so I mean obviously the cultural center is one major hub. That's it's part of people's traditions each year and I mean the same. Great programming is going on there. Then we also have another hub at the corner of Woodward and Warren Avenue. It's property that's owned by Wayne State. University they they This is the third or fourth year where they're hosting their winter art marquette and it's a really lovely collaboration between Wayne State and town. There's jain enormous tent where they have a ton of entrepreneurs in their selling you know their their products. There's also a number of Detroit based or Wayne State Artists in alumni that are in there selling their artwork. We also have a really large beer tent. It's a craft beer tent that sponsored by eight degrees Plato. That is a great place by the way if anyone hasn't checked Out Eight degrees Plato. This would be your opportunity to do it right. So they're they're doing our beer. Tampa also their storefront over in CASS avenue. That south of Mac Avenue is also open for Noel night and It's a lovely opportunity to kind of experience this new area we also will have A square dancing performance at the beer tent Through hours think of seven and Like five to seven o'clock and so I mean that's a whole new experience over there of having performances beer lots of great shopping Lift will be over there as well that will be one of the locations for a ride share. One of the other new hubs that we have this year is Near the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Costra. They have A courtyard over 'em persons called SOSNIK courtyard. And that's where we're we're we're we are relocating. Our annual ICE SCRAPER CHALLENGE DON JR so students from Wayne State University and college for creative studies have been learning how to sculpt ice under a professional ice sculpture. This year it's Randy finch whose some people they know as the Ice Brigade is on the food network and so he comes in and teaches. You know these students how to sculpt ice for years we had done that in front of the Dia and it just doesn't work anymore because of the queue line we we don't have Woodward Avenue closed off anymore so we're testing it out over by the DSL. We also have a really strong performance over in in the cube inside the DSL featuring rank tankeea. So we've got like this really nice hub over there. There'll be lots of carolers outside bars and places to buy snacks. And and then our third hub that I think a lot of people will care about is where we're doing our and of the evening Salvation Army Sing along so are no no L. Knight bands and again is located at the corner of CASS. ASS in Canfield. That's right near where shy Nola and Jolly Pumpkin is. You know we'll have entertainment on that stage all the way from five through ten o'clock there is is also an area to buy you know Baked goods there's an area to make Craft Activities Holiday based craft activities for kids. So so that's kind of an area that's kind of growing activity and we'll get people out into the neighborhoods more to kind of see a number of the small businesses that have been doing so well in midtown so many good ones over were there. I imagine most of them are going to be open for this one. Oh Yeah I mean I think no. All night is a really great GR- grossing revenue night for a lot of the businesses. It's also really great. Wait wait you know when people don't WanNa go out shopping on Thanksgiving or black Friday. This is a another at night to get it done. You can buy a lot of really great unique gifts for family and friends and it's just a great way to see all the development. That's here in midtown. I swear each year we have more and more businesses that are opening up. Some of them are more experienced base. Some of them are stores. So there's just a lot for people to see that you're not gonna find anywhere else if you haven't done a shopping trip. Rip along that Cazin can field area. I mean twenty thirty places at this point. It's absolutely crazy and then you've got the restaurants you've got. I mean it just originally kind of great place any time of year but this is a really good time to check it out. Are there any specific acts or things that you know. I know it's hard to pick favorites. Because you're you're part of right but are there anything specifically that you're looking forward to that you know that you're going to check out. Well there's a number I am really excited. That one of our big headlining performances is Saint Paul New- broken bones Were do they ever perform free anywhere. Maybe occasionally but this will be a free performance over at the garden theatre which is located. Did on the block right next to a great lakes coffee and they're doing a performance at nine pm The Gabriel brass band will be opening before them. We'll have of a DJ over in the theater Dj Parana had from like five to seven forty five. There'll be a fun spot. There will be some vendors in the lobby as well selling some really nice Wears I think that'll be a really amazing ban. Doing courage people to arrive early for that Just because of the interest is huge. I mean this is a really big national act coming in I'm also really excited at motor suit motor city brewing. Works Warehouse Right near Shy Nola. We're bringing in an act from Portland Oregon A guy named Earl Thomas and his band the pain and what's interesting about him is that he's almost scathed years old right now and he just started his soul music career not that long ago he was back in the business in the fifties and sixties did a lot of backup singing for major African American singers. And then I I don't know his career just kind of stopped for a while because it's a hard business to make it an. Oh Yeah and then he is back added added and he's got an amazing career right now so we're super excited to have him come perform the sole holiday performance that will be at nine o'clock and and then another one. I'm really excited about Is We're bringing MSU Jazz Professor Etienne Charles and In his band from New York to to perform a creole Christmas performance. At the right museum and that'll be at six. PM and this we've brought him here before but it is such such a high performance like if you WanNa get out of your seats and dance. This is fantastic. I mean he's a jazz professor by day. You know bandleader trumpeter. By Hi this is someone to really watch his really up and coming in his late twenties really making a name for himself worldwide. And we're excited to have because the quality quality of music is just utterly fantastic well and you mentioned the Gabrielle Brass Band and then the Krill one of the things. I always remind people of is that you know Detroit and New Orleans have a lot of ties together because we're one of where some of the only French founded cities that have really stuck it through and so there are some things that are kind of like assured between us and I think that whole like it love of music and jazz and things like that is one of them. I agree and I mean we love having different jazz performances differences. I mean we try to have a variety of music so that. There's something for everyone at Noel night but jazz is really big. Blue's really big. I mean clearly. It wouldn't be no all night without a Thorn Davis performance. Of course you gotTa have their Annetta. She's doing her annual. You know performance at the first universal as UNITARIAN UNITARIAN universalist church at nine hundred. I had a friend who went there for years. They never could say and So we're really looking forward to that the other cool thing too is. It's a really great lineup. Over there our The car center who's now located in the in the Park Shelton lower level. That's right because they were unharmed. Park were in harmony park. For a long time. They now have have their new Contemporary Art Gallery space in the Park Shelton but they have the series of they've done for years. It's called trae jazz in the city. And they've partnered with Michigan in State University. The Jazz Music Orchestra Orchestra over there led by Rodney Whitaker. And then they're going to be opening for Thorn Atta so I mean there's going to be a lot of really great jazz big band. Blues over there There's other bands School groups performing ahead of time as well but that leads to a whole other thing is what I get really excited about..

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