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Jan bill here right news. Talk eight fifty w. f. t. o. The self-loading morning show in fact. There's jammed has diener bill. Cairns next news is coming up in about wait for it. Wait for it twelve minutes. Wow look at that. Well depends on her hidden on time. So i know my math was right at least in your math world. It was right. Yeah it's about as close as getting that's right This is going to be happening in the news. We're watching to see if there's any mandates announced locally year probably not today and there wasn't any yesterday by the way just to let you know either palm beach county broward miami dade nothing and certainly not at the state level so if you're wondering about that nothing yet Yeah and as a matter of fact. The governor told a press conference right now. He's in the panhandle They have no idea what he's talking about. Because i didn't go and listen. I'm sure it's a topic that i'm sure it'll it'll come up. Oh he reduces the toll on some bridge in the panhandle whatever that has to be an a mighty big toll. If he's reducing it on the gar sewn point bridge garson point bridge in the panhandle. And that's that big of a deal. I guess so goes natale. I gotta go visit. My people need me. I'll be the first one over with the new toll price. Okay the toll on the bridge. Wow if you're some past customer repeat five bucks really for a bridge one way. That's a lot of money. Oh so he lowered it to two seventy five and for everybody else. It was from four fifty. I guess if you lived on the other side to two thirty so it's actually great. If you live up there you go into. Is you down here. We're spoiled when it comes to toll it could be bad. I know i remember. The first time i went up northeast and and kristen and i we went up to new york and we were driving. Then i'm going over the verizon. Oh bridge oh guy and box fifteen. It was close to twenty dollars in saint hot. And i had no idea i had told shock. I might thank you know down here. Toll at the most is going to be two dollars and i'm going to like seventeen fifty. What is insane cow. You mean that was my money to a meal. Go hang out with starve until dinnertime. So that's good that he did that. Okay got an app. That's a big voting block for him over there. So you know that's okay speaking of tells what's up at the turnpike toll things like every mile. Now oh the the electronic liquor. Yeah i don't know there. There's a lot more of than there used to be. I honestly now because it's all electronic. I have no idea what the toll is. Its toll on the turnpike idea. I have no idea. We're probably we're probably paying fifteen bucks a thing. I later on the verizon. The only the only reason i know about it is is when you take that Like the special lane. Like in miami. When traffic's really bad. Oh yeah yeah. And it'll say oh from here. To point b fifteen dollars and twenty five cents on the. You're going a mile and you're paying fifteen bucks that's absurd. I see that i take that see. I did not know that. Yeah you pay a lot of money man or that one near orlando. It's i told you that one near orlando is a brand new road stupid. Google sent me that way. It had an had those the electronic ones like every quarter mile..

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