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You know, they'd have to start doing the tapings at night, good evening. Welcome to the prices. Right. Oh, my God. I'm going to fuck in pitch that fucking Hulu. All right. This is like a game show meets Bram Stoker's whatever the fuck. I never watched any of those stupid. Fuck and movies. The last movie I watched was Brad. Pitt fucking. No, that's not true. I watched the one where the little girl was the vampire, her and her dad moved into the complex. That was a cool one. That isn't true. I just I just basically caught myself in a lie. Do you know? It's been like a month's flown a helicopter, and I just keep seeing these fuck and magnum p. bowel all our white. An Uber new fucking song goes. Soanes you can't except for the beginning banning eighty and just goes off, goes up the fucking rail. We'll Bill maybe if you watch the show a little more. You know, it's fucking weird about that show like. Boy, we'll get to the point of every time. I see that. Fuck in that dutiful MD five hundred. When he's flying that fucking helicopter, I'm just like, I'm like, I'm watching that book and show I, I liked that they went school at the helicopter, but I feel like they should have given him a new Ferrari. Because that's not one of the classic cars like Ferraris, not worth a lot of money. You know as far as Ferrari's go, you could pick up one of those fucking for let me let me Let's. know. Fucking look at the price of one of those fucking things right now, what do you say freckles. All right. We're looking up Tom, Selleck Ferrari it. We're going to see them fucking costs magnum not condoms magnum p.. Why. Doodoo better. Bob Dole to. I remember goes magnum PI for. Dari hours to three. Oh, eight GTS. All right. Let's look that f. e. r. a. r.. What did I just say three. Oh. Eight GT GTS okay. Let's see. The fries you fucking Wikipedia. Can't. God damn motherfucker. Why does why is my all my fucking defaults go to those assholes? Probably because you went to a too many times this douche again. We keep Lia the ball has another question for you. Tell him. I'm not here to like. L. a. dec- again, what I will give MacLeod. Fucking eighty-five. All right, Ferrari three away GTS for sale. I imagine the price went up because magnum PI coming back out, I owed I own. Thank can't. Three eight GTS for sale. I remember berry cats, I trashed him on his own podcast. He owned a half, the stand ups in the fucking world money, and he went on bought one of these things. Fifty four thousand. It's still a lot of money, seventy. Nine thousand. Fuck out of here. That one joi bay. Why said her name? I just want just want to say she's one of the coolest fucking people I've met in this business by the way. Don't sleep. Fuck enjoy Baker. I did an episode of crashing with her and she was fucking hilarious. All right. Sixty four five. What about the ones from the eighties? Eighty three seventy nine thousand. Nineteen eighty seventy thousand Jesus. You know something when people by Ferrari's and these supercars everyone thinks it's a giant fucking waste of money. But you know, they really retain their value. There's no way that fucking car costs that. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it didn't cost that amount of money when you first bought it, it actually appreciated in value. After what these bankers did this fucking country, two thousand eight. This people in houses that are never going to appreciate values far as what they still own on it. People I'm telling you right now. If you wanna turn around your financial, fuck could situation. You sell your house. You buy a Ferrari j. t. s. and you live in that motherfucker eventually that cars going to be worth more money than you on for your hats, what it will you sold the fucking thing, but you still owe more than what it was worth. You know what I'm saying? There's a balance there that needs to be dealt with. You don't drive it anywhere fucking do alternate side week, fuck and Parkin, and you just sit in it to one day that fucking car is worth more than what you own. You has plus Turkey sandwich, then you sell it, then you walk down the streets, you get yourself Turkey sandwich and you like, you know what? That's delicious. And now I have nothing..

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