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The script or you want to us but what really helped set them? Apart is he was such a strong interview and character. That's presence the bottom but really also had this gets talked about enough an unbelievable finisher one of the hottest finishers in the business and then you would see you know on the W._W._e.. Side of things Dhamma Douse page operate the same way I mean he got over the tremendous diamond cutter that really <hes> sort of took the business by storm. How important is having a really really strong finisher? If you WANNA be a top Godley thing I I think it's incredibly I mean it's the two things well. There's all the more than two things you have to. You have to be able to have a high work rate if you're working with great people at the very very top so it's not just your finish sure your work. Leading into the finish has to be great. You have to have a real grasp on psychology but I think at the top of the must have <hes> and there's a long list of must haves but at the very top of those must have <hes>. You've got to have a great promo. You've you've got to be comfortable in a microphone. You've got to be able to find a way to tell your story outside of the ring or at least with a microphone. If you're inside of the ring number one he is your character is a complete if you don't have the ability to really connect with the audience in that respect and then Marais below that in my opinion below that is your finish <hes> you could have the greatest finisher in a world but if if if you don't have a great promo you're not going to get to where you WANNA be <hes> but if you've got those two things at the top up <hes> in addition to everything else that tastes you're destined for greatness and I think you know you look at Beijing. You know there's a lot of parallels. I'm not putting them on equal plane. I'm not trying to suggest that but if you look at the parallels in the way they're characters developed. Steve Austin was like we said earlier in this this podcast Steve Austin was studying Steve Austin and he was other characters prior to that <hes> he got to W._W._f.. Of ringmaster Villes those were characters that didn't really fit him. He didn't really find himself until he became himself and turned the the volume up and became so called Steve Austin and I think the same could be said with Medalla page. He tried a bunch of different characters. There's none of them really worked until he just kind of became himself a blue-collar guy one of the people just an average guy that was in a great opportunity people could relate to that they they see themselves if they want to see themselves selves in you know they're living vicariously through you and so I think if you look at the parallels just in their characters <hes> when they became themselves in turn the volume up the audience really started related of now add add to the top of that you know the both had great finishers and they could both cut a promo and I think there's a lot of parallels between those two characters Kurt Angle in there right now. One of the all time greats one of the few who we're going to talk about who never had any sort of Ryan in W._C._W.. Or <hes> really another company at this point I mean this I wrestling company was the W._w._f.. And then we know of course is stopping impact for several years and now back with the company but Jericho of course on the alliance side of things or on the side of things he had been the W._w._f.. Had Steve Steve Austin ass had the undertaker and believe it or not even Glenn Jacobs Cain had had done some enhancement work there really but yeah but I did not know that mccurdy angle never did I if you would have been lucky enough or fortunate enough to have landed Kurt Angle and I guess I should stop there and ask. Did you ever have a conversation with Kurt Angle prior to him. sonning with <hes> the W now I never did and I know where the question is probably good but if I would have had that opportunity in all honesty I probably would not have taken advantage of it in ninety six especially. I wouldn't've felt he you didn't signed to be clear he didn't he didn't come on the scene until ninety nine so you would have had time by then of course W.. W was Helena handbasket. Who knows what what happened but <hes> it would have been interesting to? Let's see what you could have done with him on the W._W._e.. Side of things but she don't think maybe we weren't ready. We we would not have been the right it would have been horrible occurred. It would have been a huge mistake for Kurt and quite honestly in one thousand nine hundred nine. We were so dysfunctional I would not even seen the opportunity have been presented to me. That's just honest truth. I was blinded by dysfunction in chaos and distracted to the point where I would have seen great opportunity if it would have landed on my lap that's just the truth will give you another little known fact. Did you know did you know that long before brock listener landed W._w._f.. That Vern Ganja called me up on a Saturday afternoon. It said Eric. You've got to see this kid. I think you should sign him and I said well. Thank you burn up next time I get to Minnesota. Let's get together and we'll go take a look dot. You're GonNa Cammisa boat on this kid. I'm telling you Eric. You're gonNA miss the boat. Thank you appreciate the call. Let's get back together again soon. So Ver Vern Ganja actually tried to introduce me to brock listener prior to his introduction introduction to W._W._f.. And given the wit wisdom I failed to take advantage. That opportunity what's crazy to me is to thank you know like let's just fantasy book for a minute. Let's go back in time and let's say that you know after he turned down that every half because originally Kurt turn down that every specifically saying he wouldn't lose and brisk <unk> laughed amount of the office <hes> see tried his hand at being a <hes> you know Tele Television news sports broadcaster and did some endorsements for pizza joints and things like that in Pittsburgh within decided you know what I need to really take stab at this came back and also the races races and took to it like a fish water and it's one of the all time greats now but what if instead you know when you find out that it doesn't work out with you make it your mission your priority and he was finishing quote unquote wrestling wrestling school at the power plant and nine hundred ninety eight now Goldberg's hottest hell. You've got an Olympic gold medalist taking on the undefeated streak Goldberg that could have been pretty fun. No can you imagine that now yeah. You'd you'd have to play with the timeline quite a bit there but if you could have gotten occurred in so let's assume Kurt would have come into W._c.. What he went to W._W._e.? and Said Okay but I'M NOT GONNA lose. Pritchard laughs amount of the office he decided to get on a plane and come to Atlanta where he won the gold medal. I would have had a certainly would have gotten them. A meeting. Ted Turner just to impress the hell out of him and we would've sat there and Kurt would've after that meeting with Ted Ni- Kurt would I would have gone back and he said they'll look here's the deal I said this mcmanaman say to you. I'M NOT GONNA lose I would've I said no problem we can make that work now we wouldn't have had chew streaks going Simultaneously Goldberg on history and and Kurt Angle on history for maybe a year wouldn't that they have been fought unbelievable and would have been believable but can you imagine that I love fantasy booking. I can see why so many dirty writers do it. It's so easy and it would have been fun to to see what the talent will you know like mashes with him and Booker T. or mashes with him and Crisp Anwar in a him and Chris Jericho or Ramos Stereo or eighty guerrero. There's so many you had so many talents that we know he's going to have greater matches with or great matches with later but here on this side but I mean you had all that talent right then. It's just fun to thank SORTA. What if it's fun to think about no doubt about that no doubt about it? Could you imagine the imagine a conversations that would have gone on though once the because the locker inevitably here's everything can you imagine the conversations that would have taken place with all of the talent when so bishop sign this guy by the name of Kurt Angle you WanNa go gold medal but this is this is what we do here and he's not going to lose Oh. I can't wait to work with him. Can I work with him. I is I want him to beat me imagine that I don't think live through it. No there would have been so much that doesn't work for me brother yeah well from everybody yeah exactly yeah everybody what about Rhino Rhinos a name who recently popped up he allegedly according to the room and Innuendo and you know we know how that goes turned down the W._B._Z.'s offer saying that <hes> while he would have made more money. He felt like he wouldn't have been utilized when he wanted to be more active and instead opted to go to work with impact. You worked with him a little bit in both places then you get rhino stories. You can share with US look. We don't talk about him enough. You only Rhino Story. I we have not much of a story is I think we were on I is in W._W._e.. And we were on our way to Australia and we had a like a six hour layover in Hawaii or eight our later short-leg of run wasn't overnight but it was a long enough where they got us a hotel room just to resin and Rhino and I shared room in Hawaii and as when I found out that he grew up in Detroit and was as a Michigan guy and we like the same music and went to a lot of the same places and new not that we knew of some of the same people while we're in Detroit respectively but we realized we had much more common than we ever thought we did. So there you go boring is it. Maybe that's my only rhino or I shared a room with him. In waikiki sounds very romantic cuddle. No we know we didn't cuddle not not not there. We you know we got familiar on the plane and sat next to each other and she added but no there was no culling. I'm not a cutler said you familiar on the plane MEILHAC LA. No you dip shit. This is the first time in a long time blue. She's not a sponsor this week and I keep looking for Baluchi transitions but there's nowhere to go so you're listening listening. This doubt you missed out has had a blue moment in Hawaii with rhino sow chaos here ringside inside and it looks like what are the tables is about to get <hes> well. You know you think after all these years they'd beat those damn things up a little bit. You can take him apart like a display at Walmart. I'm GONNA remember this when exploding exploding tables on smackdown. Hey wait a minute. <hes> have you the new thing on the independence by the way that <hes> they're not using tables as much anymore now. They're using doors. I have not seen that what what what the logic behind where first of all where did they get doors. Well probably like a home depot our lows or something like that they reach under the ring and there's just like a random fricken door under the ring. Is it really that weirder than they're being random candlesticks under under the ring well. That's a little weird but even ladders I mean I was watching that with Jeff Hardy Robert Damage..

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