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Men. Josh here i'm your host If you are a dude and you wanna sit in live on these interviews head on over to the facebook. Group uncensored advice for men You can ask your questions to our guests as they're gone on live it's a it's a private group and You could ask questions that are important to you. So we've had guests talking about you. Know relationships belief systems failure pivot all sorts of things that uh guys face so once again head on over to free group. There's nothing to sell them. They're not trying to push anything. It's just so you could engage with our guest live on today show. We have angel. Angel is the ceo confidante angel. Welcome the show. Thank you thank you for having me here today. Josh obviously thank you everybody. Who's watching today. Yeah all right so tell us a little bit about. You know who you are what you're doing and i've got some really fun questions. Okay to ask you today wonderful. I can't wait. wait so basically you will. You will realize. I have a funny accent. It's a mixture dolph. Probably the eight countries. They've lifting originally from spain. It was born near barcelona. I ended up in plano. Texas not dallas those of you that know dollars access planning's international community north of balance which the law does a very international community with lots of headquarters and everything. so basically. here's i was working in corporate in the corporate world for a long time i left. I left You up in the nineties and basically where today's very simple is number one consulting firm what we do is we both corporate ceos on established enterpreneurs. They hire s to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure as a way to accelerate the girls of businesses. I was blessed enough to be able to work. More than incandescent business in more than thirty three countries and held more than fifteen hundred you know companies and their c level executives. And that's why. I decided to do what i do today. I think that going global is a great way to take your business. Global to other geographies is a great way to accelerate its growth and that could be more couldn't be more relevant than you know with with the wall. That's happening right now today. Right and the second thing i know is excuse me is that i was exposed to at least in latin america prevent years in business for a long time i was. I was exposed to poverty that i decided to launch. Go along with a friend of mine. Eight thousand and seventeen was we launched phone dacian. It's an international dacian. It's a charity on. Its wisdom for kids and what we do. Is we help underprivileged kids. And latino money cubby comments with preneurs using the local resources. Okay so that's my life and he's view. See you know very often. I mean. I just almost read my bio right but i like to say that i'm basically the connected with the unconnected on. I mean this world to be the connector of the unconnected connected. That's who i am to be able to be really the conduit. I consider my businesses my foundation on myself to be the conduit of everybody else's greatness. That's awesome now. The name of your company is the ceo there. Why did you choose that name. Yes so it's funny. So i'm doing business as the ceo confident. That's my brand exactly. My name is angel reboot by the name of my company. Interestingly enough his divine human ventures divine human ventures and. I mean i. I love it. I just love it because i consider myself to be. You know i a you know. Just a spiritual beings having a physical experience in this world with all of our flaws and mistakes and failures right but we are still spiritual beings. And we're here for a purpose right and they. I picked the ceo confident doing business device. Human adventures is..

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