White House Correspondent, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Come back and try to go back and throw it away basically keeping the healthcare issue cutting better way hey theo it also critically at bnp get for them at many american think hey it pratin ryan than there might help carry that red for secret hiding for his villa white house correspondent at usa today she's written a piece entitled new democratic ads would give steve bannon and assist in is war against paul ryan and gop and comments you point out the mostly on msnbc cnn isn't that sort of speaking to the crowd if you've you know you need you follow those types of things i know that they're not doing it on on partner attending that a lot going voter are watching cnn and msnbc as well as firing up the democratic paid back come down here and now the election and who vote 'no midterm election don't get it much the patient oppenheimer i'm years by if they can really motivate bait where that bought healthcare being at imminent threat then they think that they can they can jan d'ansembourg tapie at donald trump at ardian motivating actor or a lot of democratic primary voters but do not occur yeah they want people to understand that hunger had a huge wo and and to pay it well and up midterm election to the page sorta from the republican playbook when they use nancy pelosi for things like this funny because actually when i i went to the republican to reconquer territory it though an effort to take away from the fact that now because they remain pay unpopular and their own hearty but look at you look at a track record that recent reitered on both sides of the aisle it's almost like a recipe for unpopularity the.

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