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Hear more arlen and her teams reactions to this season of startup check out their podcast the bootstrapped vc you can find it at backstage capital dot com slash podcast this episode was produced by angelina mosier bruce wallace simone pilot and luke malone or senior producer is laurence silberman editing by sarah sarasin i'm amy standen our theme song is by mark phillips bobby lord remixed version you heard at the top this show bill buildings wrote and performed our special admin music for full music credits visit our website cumulus media dot com slash startup peter leonard mixed the episode and one more big thanks i'm this final episode of the series to chris collin find out more about the show at gimblett media dot com you can follow us on twitter at podcast startup and if you enjoyed this series please tell your friends that's the best way for a show like ours to find new listeners startup we'll be back on july sixth we're going to meet founders in a business so tough it tests their careers their marriages and their morality your vices will show so whether it's pornography with you just go out eat too much spin too much with you go out and bank some other chick because you're trying to compensate for the emotional upheaval that you're heaven internally externally the unique challenges of starting up a brand new church in a neighborhood that isn't looking for faith that's our new series coming up in a few weeks keep an eye out for it and thanks for listening startup we take you through the ups and downs of starting a business but keeping up with the news every day can feel like a rollercoaster ride to vox has a daily show that helps you understand all that craziness it's called today explained every afternoon the team takes a.

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