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The majority says chili. Good then love that. Keep on making fun of me. i know. Sometimes it's actually going to hurt sometimes. We're actually going to be said about that. Sorry and want to change and so we have to be prepared. I think one of the problems that i seen some of this device certainly see it in the way that the hillary stipend from the hat was just absolutely dismissed out of hand and was ridiculed by barnaby. Joyce who's apparently said he apologized for his comments but anyway was it was some absolute leave. Sort of how dare you say anything about what culture wigan to throw that whole process out the window it they. These people are afraid and they put these things as this domain a third house of parliament. This'll mean aboriginals. Paper can take your harm. It's fear bright and it's that fear that is pushing the hatred in the in the right wing. People die diane refried that eat if they mocked if they offended if someone says will your guilty for this then that's offensive to them and that's why they pushing back okay. So there was a proposal at one point for some sort of additional veto oversight going through an indigenous council of some sort as well as by houses of parliament. Is that what he was thinking. Aumf when you remember the. I don't remember the that whole particular Debate mainly because the conflicting views of what people were climbing delivers step into the hot actually main to how it will be implemented or whatever it all seemed to be honest rating the really being kind of beeson just rating the ilori titan from the hot here and it his something. We call the establishment of a fist. Nations voice enshrined in the constitution. Macara is the culmination of the agenda. The coming together after struggle with the idea that the question or the the the idea for remember rightly was put forward by people like barnaby. Joyce was that. This voice to palm do voice was going to be some amazing pow that would have veto of everything and whatever end. that was. Yeah but it's also could have done to suspensive. Justice like people could object through a sense of injustice that just. That's just not right. I don't think we should be creating commissions will groups based on on racial ethnic grounds. So people could. I'm not fearful. I just find that distasteful. So i didn't have to be faithful to object to it tangkuan as fires. I can see that. The hot isn't saying it's going to be a voice depalma into anything like that. So where i'm saying is in the interpretation of those words as being something that direction where we see constitutional reforms to empower our people so whatever that means small lodge. I've got a problem with that law. So i think that that sits up a different category of person based on racial ethnic hereditary.

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