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So your family is, is your cared for after that in very point actually the members do pay for some planes for some equipment. Some fuel hangar space, maintenance, stuff like that right now there are about five hundred thirty single engine planes in the civil air patrol in the United States. A lot of these are those, and I'm getting more and more into planes lately. The more we've talked about these planes. You're getting so old. I must be because I looked at a Cessna one seventy two and I was like I mean, does that seat? How much does that cost really? Like. Wow. Well, no, I can't afford to buy plane. That's that. But I'm saying like having that thought you've. Oh, sure threshold. Like there's, you know, planes or cool. Let's go to a museum to see a plane how much would it? For me to buy this plane and fly at myself. That's the transition in the transition to is the thoughts of, like, you know, when, when Emily and I are retired and ruby live somewhere. Sure would be nice to just hop in the Cessna and fly out and see her sure that is like the oldest of old man. Doc. Yeah. But then I saw there like two hundred thousand dollars. So I was like, okay, maybe not. You, you're like, maybe I can buy one of them houses with the fly up, driveways, like John Travolta. Yeah. I mean dude, he has his own passenger airliner. Yeah. It's crazy. Well, he's also rather wealthy. That's true. So there are more than four thousand planes, though, used in any given year. So I guess that's the official fleet that the civil air patrol runs is that five hundred thirty five thirty. Right. But if you are a member of the civil air patrol and you have your own plane, they'll be like can you bring your playing along? We need to use it for the search and rescue. Right. And they don't just do Sar stuff. They work also with the forest service and the DA. They look out for forest fires that conducts land surveys. They started to do more and more flies over farms in Kentucky. If you know what I'm saying to see what they're growing. Yeah. Yeah, they started in one thousand nine hundred eighty five I think the customs and border patrol said, hey, how would you guys like to look for marijuana plants to prevent? Oh on cigarettes from being smoked by choice. They were all over that. And yeah, they jumped on I read an article this is this is so civil air patrol the idea of like getting to to prevent drugs from hitting the streets. They the I guess the whoever was interviewed. I didn't catch it was. But in official at the civil air patrol I in the higher up in the, the national organization, Major General probably said something like they, they helped get a billion dollars worth of, of drugs. Sure, which is, of course, like the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Of drugs off of the street in two thousand seventeen and that they, they were on track to hit about the same number in two thousand eighteen that's it's a lot of marijuana cigarettes. Yeah. I can't help probably shouldn't even just say this. I gotta here, we can edit it outlaid. Who was the stand, your ground guy in Florida? Oh. Oh man. George zimmerman. Yeah. Some of this sounds a little bit like that. Like, hey, I'm not a copper in the military. But right, I'm gonna play like I am on a bus truck dealers. Well, that actually made me wonder do they do they patrol the southern border? I think for I couldn't see anything that said they did. Well, it's said they did they patrolled the southern border in World War, Two looking for saboteurs entering that's trigger. I'm like, well, wait a minute that, plus, you know, bussing you know, pot growers. They do they look for people crossing the border illegally, and I didn't see anything about them being used for that, that might off book use, it could be. Yeah. They don't report that, but it was hilarious. The, the guy interviewed maybe the Major General, who is talking about how they got a billion they helped with getting a billion dollars of drugs off the streets. Right. They were saying, we don't talk about the very much. We don't really press releases because we don't want. To basically step on the DA's operations or anything like that. But trust us, that's how much we get off the streets. It was pretty cute. They also work in just general aerospace, and flying education and advocacy. Now, they do lectures and seminars. They put together training manuals online just trying to advance aviation, and the knowledge and love of aviation and took I also saw in another article some other stuff that they do just pretty interesting. That is much more tied to the military. So you remember there under like the combat division. Yeah. Well the combat division puts them to, to pretty good use. Sometimes like if you are flying a drone under FAA regulations that drone has to be escorted by human plane over over regular airspace. Non-military airspace. And so to get out of the United States. Zone usually s to fly over non military airspace. And so one of the things that the civilian air patrol does is they escort drones, which means that, that's something that the military doesn't have to do. And for just one base with the drone escorts, they provided this commander figured that they saved the military something like four hundred grand a year by doing this gratis, basically, they also survey, military training routes. So they basically fly over the, the routes that test pilots are gonna fly to make sure that somebody isn't put up power lines since the last time they used them. They they simulate flyers that have accidentally entered restricted airspace, for intercept training, which has got to be kind of neat. And they're, they're actually learning to fly drones themselves now too, which is probably a pretty intimate and skill. If you're somebody going into the air force these days, I think it's a door doorbell that they saved the military four hundred thousand dollars a year. Well, it was just one base, too. But. Yeah. He he, he had enough self awareness that he was saying, like, I think he called it budget dust. Sure. He said, you know, it's still count Stallone that half a million bucks is budget dust. Yeah, it is. Then they had their cadet program. We mentioned earlier about cadet. This is if you are under the age of eighteen you can still be in their cadet program. Once you're over eighteen you, you don't have to do this until you're twenty one but you can at eighteen turn into a what's called a senior, which I thought it was interesting that could be like nineteen. Right. I can actually found out why. Because that seems kind of weird doesn't it what they're called seniors? Well, that so if you enter and you're over eighteen you have to be a your have to be considered a senior. Yeah. But if you enter the civilian air patrol before you're eighteen you can wait to become a senior till, you're twenty one and the reason. Why is because you get hammered when you get that rank you right? He's just keep putting it off. It's called delayed gratification. You can get your training to get your pilot's license of through the civilian air patrol for basically, like half price of what you'd pay a flight school. And it was it's such a great deal that flight schools. Complain does the government. And so this is unfair competition. So there's a rule with the civilian air patrol, the if you enter the civilian air patrol over the age of eighteen you are automatically considered a senior, and you do not qualify for instruction to get your pilot's license. If you start before then and you start getting your pilots license, you can delay being considered a senior till you're twenty one so you have an extra couple years to complete your training to get your pilot's license at half price. That's the reason why you can delay being a senior until you're twenty one. Hey sounds like quite a deal. Yeah, it is half price, everybody loves half price. And you know, like we mentioned earlier just to kind of put a cap on it, the, the cadets it is a bit like boy, scou-. Outs meets ROTC. They get to actually get in planes like if you know if you're a kid, if you got to be twelve years old. But if you are interested in flying and getting your license or going into the air force, you, can you can train, and you can get yourself up in the ranking system through the years, and you can get seat time and planes. Yep. And get flying experience learn to fly drones. It's a big. Yeah. So I think it's like a pretty cool program for kids to get into. Yeah. And if drug dealers just make you so, man. You can't even see straight. That's another thing you can do. That's right. Get rid of them. You got anything else? Got nothing else. John Ryan, never responded. Okay. I'm just going to go with his one statement, which was I'm a proud veteran of the civil patrol. Well, thanks for almost nothing. John rod rate story, if you want to know more about the civil air patrol. Well then go joined the civil air patrol.

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