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That's the key. And let's be honest. Okay, we're talking about freedom, right? And so if you're teaching somebody to think for themselves, it means you have an innate assumption that you can trust people to find this thing called truth. If they're honest. But if you don't believe that, then you have to do propaganda. Or you're exactly right about that, or you make an excuse, which is what we're entering an industrialized economy now. Not everyone needs those skills. So we'll have an elite few who think about things like philosophy, but the rest of you really just need to learn a hard skill. And we see that still today and the idea of stem education. Stems fine. But that becomes the focus. It's one step away from metal shop, okay? No, but I mean, that's kind of how I see it. It's like you can learn to think, or you can get a trade. And if the trade is science, it's like a more of a highfalutin trade, but it's still, you need to be taught how to think. Everyone does. Correct. So it's a wise welder, as opposed to what woke welder, which we have now. I mean, everyone deserves the ability to think critically. And as David points out, that was a no more useful thing for a farmer or a blacksmith. In the founding generation that it is today for someone else. But if freedom of a republic is what's at stake and the ability to think through the propaganda, they want more people educated that way as opposed to liberated. I'm just so glad you wrote this book, battle for the American mind. Do you so where do you start in the book at what is it? Well, we start with the problem identification. I mean, we start with the COVID 16, 19 moment. So here we are in zoom classrooms and you're watching what your kids are learning and suddenly the 1619 Project and CRT and gender obfuscation is right there in front of you. How did this happen? And meet people where they're at and then start to walk backwards of well, here's precisely how it happened. Okay, and again, we've got to remind people what a blessing, the nightmare of COVID turned out to be because if it hadn't been for that nightmare and the overreach of the radical left, most parents would never have known. Decades pass and you don't know. Suddenly, millions of parents woke up and said, wow, wait a minute. Hold on. All right, we'll be right back. Talking to the authors of battle for the American mind Pete hegseth and David Goodwin. I rehearse those words just made last night. When I was thinking hey there folks, Eric taxes here. As you know, our friend and he's a real friend, Mike lindell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of their life, but he didn't stop by simply creating the best pillow now Mike has done it again by introducing his my slippers, my slippers, they're unbelievable. I know all about them, but I got to tell you for a limited time you will save $90 on each pair of my slippers. They're expensive. You can save $90. This blowout sale of the year won't last order. Now he's taken over two years to develop them. The mice slippers are designed to wear indoors and out all day long made with my pillow foam and impact gel to help prevent fatigue made with quality leather swayed call one 809 7 8 three O 5 7 use the promo code Eric. Or go to my pillow dot com, click on the radio listeners square and use promo code Eric, the offer will not last long,.

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