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Seven news center now I'm refrence size with Lisa Jaffe's a prominent local Republican now says president trump should be impeached former senator Slade Gorton tells The Seattle Times he sees more than a dozen actions on the president's part that warrant impeachment but he wants a if trump should be removed from office no this isn't the first time Gordon has split with his party their state Attorney General in nineteen seventy four he called for president Nixon's resignation for abuse of power in the Watergate scandal today the house voted to formally authorize impeachment hearings against the president by a vote of two thirty two to one ninety six Jeff Pohjola companies continuing to get reaction from around the northwest Republican congressman Dan new house of eastern Washington says the impeachment process has been one sided it has not allowed both sides of the issue and I mean in the political process the Republicans and the Democrats to have access to information about the the the ability to ask the questions necessary from both sides of the aisle new houses Republicans have not been allowed to call witnesses or see documents that are being produced as evidence against the president should federal law enforcement be able to use facial recognition software to watch and track all of us without a warrant come as Ryan Harris has more in a lawsuit that raises that question the suit from the American civil liberties union claims agencies like the F. B. I. N. D. E. A. you have put the software including some created by Amazon to work in essentially a national surveillance program although our state is among the nearly two dozen that allows federal access to the driver license photo database the ACLU Washington attorney Shankar Narayan says you certainly never consented to having that information included in what's affecting only a database of suspected criminals that will be compared against and yet that's exactly the use best being made Marantz is it put you at risk of civil liberties violations not to mention racial discrimination said to be one of the flaws of the software Amazon says its software should always be used legally handed ways that do not violate anyone's civil rights and that you should be aware when it's being used Brian Harris como news last Friday the Pentagon awarded Microsoft a massive contract for cloud computing commerce Charlie harder tells us about reports Amazon is prepared to challenge that move Amazon was widely considered the front runner for the ten billion dollar deal but the president has a well known beef with Amazon's Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington post and there's talk that played into the decision Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made his first public comments on the surprise announcement the metal thing here is that means that we will make sure that all technology either in the global view all institutions the green on democracy have elected to protect the freedoms we enjoy Amazon could appeal to government auditors or file a court challenge Charlie harder como news companies time three thirty four only traffic.

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