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Juliet Huddy and Frank Murano. Good morning. This is the W A. B. C. Early news. I'm Frank Marino. I'm Juliet Huddy. I'm frazzled Where you friends Because I really should listen to my Ramsey, Mazda weather reports and not just speak them like a robot because had I paid attention. I would have remembered that it was supposed to snow overnight. Was not fun driving to work today. I got to be honest with you Well, and I also don't like the message that that sends to our listeners of Juliette's not paying attention to the weather. Why should why should day right? Well, you know, I've got a lot of other things going on is I'm trying to give the weather I'm trying to find good stories that are breaking. You know how interesting? Yeah. Regis and me, you know, e would know We'll get to that in a second, whether in a second, all right, well, we will have traffic in literally just second because it's time for traffic and transit on the sevens with the inimitable Joe Noland, the Lord of the Lincoln Tunnel. It's sort of like when the traffic comes on the two of you just so now. No, I listen. I'm sorry. I wasn't. I wasn't paying attention. Wait. What'd you say, Frank lights, though. Lights, though, is falling throughout. As Juliet just said, but basically the highways it just went. At least. Now. They are a little while ago When I first started, it looked like they were starting to get slushy. But right now it looks like that you are going to have just wet roadways out there. So that's a little bit of a break. Stand down. Expressive, westbound Bradley Avenue was disabled in the H O V. Lane, The RFK Traveler, a bridge of the Queen's like a disabled vehicle, South Bend Garden State Parkway at 1 16, a disabled right lane and the locals 35 North bound down the Jersey Shore Shrewsbury Avenue. Water. Main break Right lane Going to be out and alternate side again today is suspended. This report of service of America's best contacts and eyeglasses. Don't over pay for glasses Get two pairs in a free exam for just 69 95. That's not just better deal. That's America's best book Your Exam online today. In certain states. I exam provided by independent opthamologist See Store for details with traffic on the seventh time. Joe Nolan.

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