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Are you implying that I'm a swine of some sort? No, I'm just saying there are no disease reported diseases to worry about what the Hertie. Here's Boehner candidate. Number one reported. I, I. Okay. Here's boaters candidate. Number one. What say it was an emergency Taco Bell, Louisiana ran out of taco shells on Monday. And that was an emergency enough for one customer to call the police. How do you run out of taco shells? The last one, that's what the guy was upset about place in Slidell said somebody called complain that the top Abell on Dow's boulevard, which is one of the good ones, there array ran out of both hard and soft tacos, shells. How I'm guessing I'm guessing that the way that happens is poor management. I could just hand real quick truck didn't come. Okay. Pro. That's probably this is truly a travesty. The police can't do nothing about it. The department said we can't make this stuff up. This is really happening, but we can't do nothing about it. You can call if you want the police can't get to talk. Oh shells. There's no word on the status of the taco shells. The Louisiana Slidell Slidell. Louisiana Taco Bell. I hope it turned out. Okay. I hope it did do, but, but that people and they did people call the call. They hold the police because it was an emergency. Boehner candidate number. Yeah, tell you it was emergency. Here's boater candidate number crew. We don't care if you're comfortable at work. Japan's health and labor minister has defended workplaces that require women to wear high heels to work arguing that it is quote necessary and appropriate. No, it's not after a petition was filed against the practice the remark came when Takumi Nemoto was asked to comment on a petition by a group of women. You know, uppity women who want the government to ban workplaces from requiring female job, seekers and employees to wear high heels. It is socially accepted, as something that falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate. Nemoto told the committee, men like to look at women in short skirts and heels. Well, let's be honest. Well, let's, let's be honest about this. Gene of prime minister and Emoto wears high heels himself, Utah. And he says that the petition was submitted to the labor ministry on Tuesday. The campaign has been dubbed the hashtag. K you to play on the words from the Japanese could sue meeting, shoes you. Okay and cooks. And cut sue meaning pain so painful shoes. It also is a reference to the global hashtag metoo movement again, if, if, if we asked men to walk around in short skirts and high heels all day or every do maybe, maybe can we just have all men be a woman for a day just to an on that day? You have to wear heels and short skirt. You have to have your period, you have to walk down a city street and get catcalled like all the things have to happen importantly, though, we have to smile. Better smile at just day. And don't be too aggressive. Oh in one day, you have to have your period and give birth do both house just so you can feel like you're more than one day. I get more than one day. He's voter candidate. Number two, we don't care if you're too comfortable, we don't care if you're comfortable coming up in a moment. Boehner candidate. Number three. Yeah. A little straight Pryatta. All right. Spotter Boehner candidate number three for round one coming up after this. Big boy news and.

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