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Friday nights, so do I I also enjoy visiting with you on Saturday night so don't forget tomorrow night ball be recapping? Tonight that is tonight but tonight how about the cave and. Move into, to know and the Vikings going to. Go. Into Yeah very unique. Situation Michelle, Walker opened the season last week with a win against Portage now they're winning at home Hey debuted their new Jumbotron and Michelle walk very very exciting and circus type atmosphere and, they've, done a nice, job I really instead building a lot of enthusiasm for the football program that it was Michelle walkers flex on offense just kinda flexing their muscles tonight coaches they were able to pull, off, a win as. It came from behind to beat Valparaiso Valparaiso was her own worst. Enemy tonight coach with so So some penalties and one. Of those situations in in two occasions where one. Shutdown down drive in one gave it I'm Michelle walking. Opportunity continue on a drive they ended up being score for Milwaukee but Mitchell Walker. Did a wonderful job and moving the football, last week they were one for twelve and the third down conversion yet they still won the football game tonight they, were marquee tonight including converting seven for ten third, down conversion so they were able. To take care of business the. Story tonight was Christopher Hardesty the senior running back he's now he had a hundred and, seventy, two yards and, a couple of scores so he's got three hundred eighty nine yards rushing and four touchdowns in his first two games of as a kid who just started playing football at eighth grade Michelle Walker. Has done a wonderful job and they just fundamentally they beat you up it's four yards and a cloud of dust They hold the ball for other and you just better, hope you don't get in, on the back. End of one of those fifteen or sixteen play drives, because that's what they do and they do a well you're. Bricks win we're gonna talk to Steve dole here just a. Second but it's a good night for you because you're bricks win it's good to. See the Hobart brickie's pod a win tonight Make no mistake about We always got. An eye on that you're out to make sure. We get that right so I'm I'm happy. For Greg o. seek I've known him since he was done the idol grasshopper a lot of those kids that are, playing on that team our legacy kids kids who that gross back in the stone age and good to see that very young offspring having some success matter for them and I'm sure Steve will tell you all about it here, coming, up next, ball kinder the publisher. The Indiana football digest you absolutely need to get one if you. Don't, already have it Michelle. Walk over voucher. Tonight twenty nine twenty we'll talk. To you tomorrow night Thanks coach thanks so, much, Mike Kelly, joins me the bad. The football coach at Seymour Seymour beach Jeffersonville thirty one twenty nine. He's, on the Saint Vincent. Sports performance coach. Congratulations on the great win tonight Thank you very. Much she was a great win. For, our program great great. Wayne for our community as well will tell me how you do. It because it appears. This might be. A, game the late, in the, game you have to make, some plays well I'll sensitively our tailback. Neither Maher rush one Russia's for three hundred. And forty eight yards nine just Obese Office line did a great. Job but, again came down to a field goal attempt by them and they just barely missed that little. Tent and we came out on top Wow I know why you're so excited now now makes a whole lot of, seeing Was twenty five seconds left in the game and they driven all, down, coast Gleason is gonna great job getting getting Jeffersonville and his office. Team ROY Brian late in the game recovered onside kick with about a minute In the game The position and Michael e it was not On the thirty four and a half yard line or else. It would have been good so We came on top and proud of a kids the fight. Hand A lot of this has been part of. What they did this right preseason getting ready in, the weight room Register hardware they've had Outstanding job all year long and where we can go who makes that game winner. For you No they missed it I know but I'm just saying? When, you when you got the lead how'd you get that score to to get the win well actually we ran a hedge And as the. Final his final offensive possession we're on, the line, reineck I called back wager offers the line did. A great job getting pushed on my own and just did a good job upfront, we, talked to a. Guy go. About you know we're not going to ask a lot of, teams are we going to be more physical than what? They, are, and I thought tonight Accomplish that A big win. For Seymour tonight's they beat Jeffersonville thirty one twenty, nine. Mike Kelly thank you so much for. The call good luck. Next week. Thank you I. Appreciate. It coach the legend that is Jim Brenner joins me from WB AT hall of fame broadcaster on the call of mount Vernons sixty, four forty nine win over. North north, excuse me, mount Vernon what? A condo tell me how long did this game take Various Melbourne and foretell obsolete mount Vernon afford Ville that's all right I can't, read my own writing Marian. Was a, big win, forty two twenty? Four I got it to there you go Basketball JJ in back court violates the Jalen black the last year The ninety seventy seven yards W forty. Eight yards for, Dutch down put back yard pass reception for forty yards and another running. Touchdown for thirty eight yards the greatest performances I've ever seen Mary a giant football player, done. This forty eight year. Man that, is that's incredible I. Mean those numbers, are staggering. Amazing thing is. Is better sport is basketball we can't wait Black I know that's about four months were they can spread it out and toss it? Around can they? Not they, can, hey it was a great game tonight because you, know coach curse sheriff from Ben, Davis? Right they last, year does that coaching during a four, Bill wonderful man and a great chance for the ball. Game and he knew Mariam as long as. Beckley Bobby gets. Better start eleven underclassmen on our own, pets Yikes The giants. Buddy I'm looking at for the, giants and I'm looking at Indiana Wesleyan next. Saturday You heard David they. Complete so Together Presold it will be the largest crowd Football game in, grand county high school or college, level even if I drop your name. That's not going get me anything That's my that's my boy Jim Brunner, WBZ in Marion has the. Big call Marian beating mount Vernon, forty two twenty four thanks Jim Thank. You. Eric Schnur. Joins me the. Football coach. At Evansville Bosse tonight they'd beat Washington it's a good solid. Win forty, six twelve. Coach, congratulations Textile appreciate very impressive offensively tonight coach tell me how you do this well we spread it out a little, bit we we went we talked a little bit at the end of the year last year in the section made a. Little bit of. Iran and we kinda changed some things up offense and we have to run some option stuff to kind of spread. It out you Matheson space and we I don't have any of the stats in front of me where we're still. Working on, getting. Those done but. I think we probably should pass four hundred and fifty. Yards of offense, tonight throwing it, around, and Jason. Lanes A, big fast kid that runs track and plays basketball and he probably had about. Two hundred yards. Receiving I, say and then a couple of touchdown interception on defense and he just had a really good team when. We spread the ball around and guys guys make plays in space yeah you did you also played some defense tonight Yeah I mean the guys that. Are are going both ways in numbers aren't great but we got guys that play really hard and we're. Already two to. Nothing at half time, and came out a little bit down a little flat in the third quarter, and. I gave up some. Points but but we, can't turn it around and and really finished the game, strong so I was I was really excited about the starting, to finish work on optics little for next week. Evansville Bosse Forty-six twelve winners over Washington Eric Schnoor the head coach should boss on the St Vincent sports performance hotline. Eric, I appreciate. The call good luck next week Thank. You Steve doll from, the regional radio sports network Jonathan Mathis from the Indian SR in coming up, after. The scoreboard update on. Indian a sports.

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