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Andy Kaufman, unconv-, you know, just totally a principled committed to the bit anti comedy. And then diamond soak were raw era leather suit, Eddie Murphy theatrical release stand up special just crushing it ROY diem people. Yeah. Okay. So that about brings us to the. End of the first day. Ahead to what we did that night because it was definitely the worst thing. We've did during their and maybe the worst thing I've done in my life. I knew I was thinking all day. I should we shouldn't do this. And then we got there. And I was like, yeah. This was a bad idea. My soul just felt soiled. I we decamped patio longs for. And then you know, I've done a lot of humiliating things in my life. I plan to do more. But I don't think anything will ever top waiting in lie in line on the cold God to get into the teepee USA get into the Benny Johnson. Benny Joan sociation. Yeah. This is new job is toilet paper. USA's creative director. We got someone forwarded us the invite, and we are just Irish VP and they've let us in. It was called the America fest merica, and the actual Email was just like a night of bourbon, beer and bacon for I'm not exaggerating and it signed off with dilly, dilly. Was dabbing astronauts. At Cadillac ranch bar called Cadillac, which is one of those fake ass. Western honky tonk ranch where they raise Cadillacs. There's power in Japan called like USA cowboy number one at a time. Catlike on the roof. It's wacky penny. Johnson teepee USA. This was this was the social events of have to put a soul at hazard. And I did I would say like, it was horrible. But it was worth it. Just to see it was like stepping into Benny Johnson's brain. Which is kind of interesting because okay. Here's what it was. A fairly large bar two stories. And there is the drinks menu is just like build the wall whiskey knee. Tremendous Akot will pay for it to kill a sunrise, the Toronto and coke, and then just the cavenaugh which is just a beer Trump and coke was not one because that would have been an actual pun. Yeah. No. They didn't even have any was just called AO. See and it was. And the only way it was done up to make you know that it was America fest. This is this is Benny Johnson's projection of what makes Erika yellow low and epic and the answer is hunks all throughout the bar. Knife size cardboard cutouts of Chris Pratt. Tom Brady him Tibo, Arnold, Schwarzenegger, shrink. Jackie Chan Jackie Chan to right. The first thing when I got up to the bar. The first thing I see a cardboard cutout of Chris Pratt with a lay placed over it. And it was just like the only the only kind of a woman was Marilyn Monroe. Oh, no, no, no, no, no ski there's an AO see one that was just there to be yelled at and defaced away, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary to somebody wrote Putin day Han, he's cardboard standi and marker next to a table covered with wonder bread bags and it said socialist breadline free bread..

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